The board


Benny Andersen

Benny Andersen
President, Danish Federation of Social Educators


General Secretary:


Irmelin Sangolt Tjeflaat

Leader of the children section in the Federation FO in Norway.




Daniela Duff,
Avenir Social, Switzerland.

Middle East officer:

Emmanuel Grupper

Emmanuel Grupper
EFSHAR – Israeli National Association for the Development of Social Education

European officer:

María José Calderon

María José Calderon,
Collegio d’Educadores i Educadors Socials de Catalunya

Latin American Officer:

Ney Moraes Filho,
Associacao dos Educadores e Educadoras Sociais do Estado de Sao Paulo

Russian/Asian Officer:


Фото_Холодцова (2)

Maria Kholodtsova,
Russian Union of Social pedagogues and socialworkers

Board member, Uruguay:

Claudio Desanti Sánchez

Claudio Desanti Sánchez

Board member, Spain:


Lorenzo Lucarellil,
Asociacion de Equinoterapias (AEDEQ)

Board member, Italy:

Elena Molteni

Elena Molteni,
Associazione Nazionale Educatori Professionali

Board member, Luxembourg:

Honoré Gregorius

Honoré Gregorius,
Beruffsverband vun de Sozialpädagogen (APEG)

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AIEJI’s 19th World Congress

Aieji 19th World Congress

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AIEJI’s 18th World Congress

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