After years of preparation, the is proud to present our research based online education for trainer’s trainers, in training groups of staff and leaders in residential, small group home, and care for groups of fugitive children. You  can get the folder here:

Instructors join a four month international class online, and use our training sessions in attachment based care for caregiver groups, so far in 17 language versions.

The folder has links to evaluations from the first international class of instructors educated, from NGO’s in seven countries. Just click at the blue links inside.

We look forward to partnerships with your organizations and professionals about this curriculum, setting international standards for staff and caregiver education. In 2017 we will launch a similar class for foster and kinship care professionals and educators.”

Med venlig hilsen/ yours sincerely

Niels Peter Rygaard, DPA authorized psychologist

Adoption expert for Socialstyrelsen VISO

C/o Key2See, Frederiks Alle 112B

8000 Aarhus C Denmark  ph: +4561106440

CEO at




As of 2016, is now a state registered NGO foundation in Denmark.


Our mission is to provide research based, free online training and instructors educations. We work in joint funding partnerships with local NGOs, professional organisations and government in any country. Programmes target caregivers and leaders in foster and residential care, fugitive camps, and other units in charge of children and youth without parental care. We aim to set research based standards for quality care and support local professional care developments.


Our research based group trainings and instructor education are used all over the world in so far 16 languages on all continents, and implemented in two year cooperation projects. Program use only requires an instructor, a group of caregivers, a projector and internet for 15 two hour sessions.


If your organisation needs a well tested concept for training caregivers in attachment based group care, please read this paper and folder, and contact us at .


Best wishes from the team at FairstartGlobal Foundation.




News from Fairstart


The research based online caregiver educations in professional foster and institutional care can now be accessed in 16 language versions.

The new online instructor’s education in the use of the free training programs at our site will be ready in February. It is on level four in the European Educational Standards.

A paper about Fairstart from the American Psychologist Association is available here:

We thank all professional organisations, NGOs, social educators, translators and researchers who contributed to free professional care education in 2015

A letter to the General Director in UNESCO

A member of our Spanish membership organisation CPEESM has pointed out this interesting letter about education (Languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese):





Internship in Wales, Scotland, Ireland or England

A request from two students:

We are two students from Denmark, both girls and the age of 24. Both studying for social educators/Pre School teachers in the area of Copenhagen. 

We’re looking for a orphanage who’s working with kids in the ages between 0 and 8. 

We’re looking for a place where we can work in the same institution – maybe with different Groups of age.

Our trip is our last internship before we are educated as social educators. 

Our internship lasts 6 months from august 2015 to january 2016 and is unpaid. 

Firstly we’re interested in Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Second on our prioritylist is England. 

You can contact us: (Natasja) 

Thanks a lot.

International Fellowship Program


Dear all

The International Fellowship Recruiter at Anderson Center for Autism in the United States, Saba Dini, announces that ACA has developed its own International Fellowship Program. ACA encourages candidates with Bachelor/ Master degree in social service disciplines i.e. social services work, mental health, special education, psychology, and related studies to apply.

This program places qualified candidates at ACA for 12 months on a J-1 trainee visa. ACA will provide adequate accommodation and facilities in the US for fellows. Fellows have the opportunity to participate in this learn and work program with experienced Anderson professionals in the social services field. Fellows will experience placement with children and adults across the autism spectrum based on their experiences and qualifications.

ACA will arrange for monthly stipend which is $900 per month for the fellows, on-campus accommodation, health insurance and other support services. It’s the great opportunity for candidates to experience living and working in U.S.

If you have any interest please contact 

Saba Dini, International Recruiter Anderson Center forAutism
4885 Rt. 9, PO Box 367
Staatsburg, NY 12580


International Congress on Social Education


Dear all

Fátima Correia from APTSES has announced this interesting congress:


APTSES (Portuguese Association of Social Education Workers) is a professional association registered since 21th November 2008 that aims to promote and deepen associative spirit among social education workers, always representing their interests and ensuring their rights. We are currently organizing the third International Congress on Social Education, which is focused on Education and Social Integration and will take place in Oporto (Portugal) on 2nd and 3rd of October 2013. For further information and registration, visit the website of the event: or contact APTSES at”.


Congresso (3)




Specialist training on Preventative Work with Children and Families

Venue: Birkbeck College, University of London, UK, 10-14 March 2014.

Taghi Doostgharin from London has announced a 5-day international course designed for those who are keen to specialise in working with Chilren and Families. The course includes practical sessions and participants will be provided with the specialist skill, knowledge and techniques which are essential for developing or expanding their work with Children and Families.

The training aims to implement existing, evidence-based family skills training programs in different settings. Familiy skill training programs are highly effective in preventing family malfunctioning, school failure, substance abuse and delinquency.

In addition, the course provides a range of lectures on the most recent research evidence on working with Children and families in multi-family settings.

Please have a look at




Designing an international master


Niels Peter Rygaard (Fairstart) has an interesting request about an international master:


Dear friends


We call for your ideas, reflections and suggestions in our design process:


We have started work to design an international master education based in Denmark – to support the rise of professional care systems around the globe, and to produce efficient agents of change and development in child care systems.


A number of EU and volunteer projects in multilingual online care education has led to the idea of designing an international master in a joint cooperation between child psychologist Niels Peter Rygaard, Denmark, the VIAUniversity Aarhus, Denmark, and one or more universities abroad.


The first sketch of ideas for the education, and questions for your comments can be found at  Facebook: , go to the comment “INTERNATIONAL MASTER” and click link to download file. We value your opinion much.


Best from external consultant Niels Peter Rygaard,



Lifelong Learning

Dear friends,


For those of you who missed or would like to refresh the workshop “Social Pedagogy and communitary intervention: The social pedagogue as a promotor for lifelong learning” of Isabel Baptista and Cindy Vaz from Portugal they have been so kind to send us the slides.


Download the slides here.

AIEJI’s 19th World Congress

Aieji 19th World Congress

XIX Congresso

In the President's Report 2017 you can read about AIEJI's work and projects from 2013-2017. You can also read about the coming work programme for the next four years.

Download the report here.

AIEJI’s 18th World Congress

In the President's Report 2013 you can read about the activities of AIEJI in the last congress period as well as the ideas for the coming work programme in 2013 - 2017.

Download the report here.