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Congress in Ecuador 28th of September – 1st of October 2016

Dear all, my name is Pedro C Martínez (PhD) and i am the President of Scientific Comittee of the II International Congress of Education at UNAE, in Azogues (Ecuador) 28th September to 1st October. We have a section for Social Education. Any question you may write your queries to

Summit in Russia 7th and 8th October 2016

Please notice this interesting summit which the AIEJI member oraganisation “Russian Union of Social pedagogues and Social workers” is in charge of together with other main actors:

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Dear reader

I am a student at the Artesis Plantijn College in Antwerp (Belgium).

I’ll be graduated in June as bachelor in orthopedagogics option Comunnity Care.

I would like to do a foreign internship if there is a possibility. I want to expand my knowledge and gain experience, and at the same time I can enrich my cultural knowledge.

I would be happy to hear from you if there is an option to run an English or French language internship, in a institution with the target groups are, children and young people with developmental disabilities or with a light mental handicap and additional issues such as attachment disorder, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, etc. This can also be in a school or other facilities.

Hopefully there are options.

Thank you for your comment!

With kind regards,

Adolicia Namuisi



FESET Seminar in France


Dear Madam, Dear Sir,


It is our pleasure to announce the opening of the call for papers of FESET Seminar in 2016 that will be held in ESTES Strasbourg, France from April 27th to 29th, 2016.


The conference theme is : « INVISIBLE PERSONS : Making Humans, Communities and Social Professionals more visible ». The deadline is December 15th, 2015.


You will find attached the call for papers and the flyer. Please feel free to forward this message and documents to your colleagues who might be interested in submitting a presentation.


For your submission please click on


More updated information and programme on the website

We thank you and look forward to meeting you in Strasbourg.


Organising Committee

FESET 2016


Looking for a job abroad

My name is Yannik, I’m from Denmark, and I am a young man at age 25. I speak English, Swedish, Norwegian and a little French. I’m a social educator and I did my final exam January 2015. I’m specialized in people with social problems (especially alcohol problems). I´ve been working with people with physical and mental illnesses, people with abuses and people with mental/social problems. In addition, I escort people with physical and mental illnesses.

I’m open to work in many different areas with different people. But in particular I search for a work with youngsters or adults with some kind of mental or social problems.

I am very good at creating an overview and I am flexible and meeting stable. I engage me in the work I’m doing, and my ethical thoughts have been praised at my previous jobs. I can work solo and take decisions, but I also seek advice in my team. In critical situations I keep calm.

I believe that it is through reflections and sparring with your coworkers that we are developing the pedagogical thinking. We get more conscious about what we are doing and how we do our work in the best possible way. It is our job to support them in the experience of “the good life”.

I hope very much to receive an e-mail from you 🙂

Best regards,

Yannik Noah Næsby, Denmark


AIEJI’s 19th World Congress

Aieji 19th World Congress

XIX Congresso

In the President's Report 2017 you can read about AIEJI's work and projects from 2013-2017. You can also read about the coming work programme for the next four years.

Download the report here.

AIEJI’s 18th World Congress

In the President's Report 2013 you can read about the activities of AIEJI in the last congress period as well as the ideas for the coming work programme in 2013 - 2017.

Download the report here.