Luxembourg 2013

Greetings from Benny Andersen


Dear participators in the AIEJI World Congress in Luxembourg


In April we were all together in Luxembourg. Great moments from days occupied with social pedagogy, social politics and social education on the international scene keep crossing my mind in my daily work.


I very much enjoyed spending time with you in the frames of an international focus on what we’re doing as professionals – and I´m proud of being the president of an organisation that has carried out 18 world congresses. The latest one surely present in my mind.


First of all thanks a lot to APEG who managed to arrange a fantastic congress during the first week of April! You did a highly qualified job making it possible for us to join very interesting workshops, field visits and key note presentations – about inklusion which we all are occupied with. Inklusion with quality and inklusion with responsibility!


And of course we shall not forget the mutual experience-based exchanges – the more informal space for learning. My impression is that the world congress in Luxembourg was a very fine context for this and I hope all of you partcipators had the same experience.


I want to thank all who signed in for the congress. These ”world meetings” are so important for our profession, the children, the young people and the adults that we support. These meetings give us the opportunity to reflect our daily work and national practices, and they give us the opportunity to be gathered with a mission – in the spirit of being a professional doing a job that surely makes sense…


For those of you who are not AIEJI subscribers, I hope you’ll sign up at the site you’re visiting now – please look for “subscribe” in the left margin. Then you’ll get an e-mail when news from the secretariat, you can follow international exchanges and maybe contribute yourself.  An opportunity is also to sign up as a member. Please see “membership” on the top of this website.


I send you my thoughts in the hope that the congress in Luxembourg gave you an inspiration and the spirit to whatever you´re working on in the social pedagogical field. Right now the sun is shining in Copenhagen. It’s been a long time but early summer now seems to have hold on. I hope the sun is shining at you as well.


Kind regards

Benny Andersen.



Supplement Fight against Stigma


And here the notes supplementing the workshop Fight against Stigma:


Fight against Stigma

Elena Molteni from Italy has sent me the slides from her interesting workshop in Luxembourg: Fight against Stigma – about dealing with mental illnesses.


aieji congress 2-5 aprile 2013


She also sent me the notes supplementing the slides. Due to the capacity of the system these will be presented in a following post.

Intervention in families

Dear friends,


Hereby the presentation of the workshop from our colleagues in the Basque Country. The workshop was “Socio-educational intervention with families in difficulty for the integration and social inclusion” and was held by Elena Aycart and Ainhoa Martin.


The presentation talks about a model of intervention in the families where the social educator coordinates the work of the team of professionals involved to assist the families in developing skills to achieve social inclusion in their environment.


Download the presentation here.

Social catering

Dear friends,


Dr. Emiliano Proietto has send me the script of his workshop “I’m worth too” on social catering in Italy. It talks about how the vast restaurant business in Italy has become a sector very suitable for employing persons with disabilities, mental illnesses, homeless and other marginalized groups of society.


If you wish to learn more about social catering in Italy, download the script here.

Workshop on girls with ADD

Dear friends,


For those of you interested in the workshop “Girls with ADD talk about their learning and social participation on the school environment” by Kristín Lilliendahl, you can download the presentation here.

Lifelong Learning

Dear friends,


For those of you who missed or would like to refresh the workshop “Social Pedagogy and communitary intervention: The social pedagogue as a promotor for lifelong learning” of Isabel Baptista and Cindy Vaz from Portugal they have been so kind to send us the slides.


Download the slides here.

Presentation from Portugal

Dear friends,


Our colleagues from Portugal have been so kind to send their presentation from the congress in Luxembourg. The presentation talks about how social education emerged in Portugal and about the struggle for professional recognition and it talks about uniting the social educators in a common national organisation.


The title of the presentation is “Social Education in Portugal – Problems and Professional Recognition”.


Download the presentation here.


Please feel free to send me your presentation if you would want it to be published here.

Thank you Luxembourg! Next stop Brasil

Monday morning in the office and last week’s great event, AIEJI’s 18th World Congress in Luxembourg, is still part of my body, still in my heart.


From the opening ceremony with the dance act of the young people and the singing children, to the fantastic theatre play of the closing ceremony. From the young volunteers in the cantina handing over hundreds of coffees every day, to the core of the organizing team of APEG who for many months have worked hard to make this happen. You all did such an amazing job and there are not enough words in the world to thank you for what you did.


Everybody I spoke to – our colleagues from Uruguay, the Italian delegation, people from the Nordic countries, the Brazilians, the young people from Switzerland and many more – was so happy to be part of this great event. There were many interesting workshops (once you found the one you had chosen J) and educational field visits, experiences that make people reflect and which they can bring home to their colleagues and managers.


Once again, AIEJI’s 18th World Congress showed why AIEJI is here and why it is so important to have these opportunities to meet colleagues from other countries. It gives you a broader perspective to know that you are part of a profession which also exists in other countries and it widens your horizon to learn that things can be done differently from how you do it at home. And hopefully some of you will experience how a personal friendship with a colleague from another country will inspire you to try new methods in your daily work.


Our colleagues in Luxembourg set out to make this happen and to give us all an experience for life – and they succeeded very well. It is a great accomplishment to form an idea in your head and make it come alive. Thank you for this.


The next time AIEJI is lucky it will be in Brasil. AIEJI has a strong platform in Latin America and a congress in Brasil will be a great opportunity to reach more people and strengthen the relations with national and regional organisations while also telling local authorities and others, who may not be familiar with the social educational profession, what we are all about. Go Brasil!

Luxembourg 2013


Are you coming to Luxembourg?

Dear friends,


We are now less than a month away and many of you are making preparations to attend the congress in Luxembourg.


It will be exciting!


From Denmark we will participate around 70 people, and I know from Italy they will participate a group of 10 people.


Are you attending too? Alone or as a group? Will you be presenting a workshop?


Please reply to this post and let us all know about your participation.


See you in Luxembourg.

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Aieji 19th World Congress

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