Newsletter September 2018

Dear all of you

Soon we’ll celebrate the international day of social educators! As most of you already know the very special day is the 2nd of October. I’ll ask you to text a greating or a message and share a photo at #thefinestjobintheworld and please also share at AIEJIs facebook site. Again we want to go global and show that we actually have the finest job in the world.

In this job ethics are very essential. How do we think and meet the people we work with? What and how do we communicate and what tasks do we take? It’s about view of human nature, professional judgement and the ability to take care of people in a way that empower them to live a meaningful life. The latter needs also a focus on the surroundings of the person. What possibilities do he or she have? Are the structures, institutional or political, that limit liveliness and maybe even causes exclusion? How can we fight these structures?

Ethics are indeed a core value in all social education and thats why AIEJI at the world congress in 2017decided to work with codes of ethics again – to renew the work from 2005. The board has been in a process comparing codes of ethics from different member countries and has discussed and reflected on ethical issues in social education in current time – with a look at cultural diversities also. This work will result in a document for the use of all AIEJI connected individuals or organisations. We are looking forward to present this document in 2019.

If some of you reading this are occupied with concrete projects or activities with ethics in focus please share this in a very short text form (not more than 20 lines) by posting on the AIEJI website. This can be done by writing to Thank you.

I want to end this newsletter by mentioning the 2nd of October again. Be prepared, be ready and be aware that this day is soon and is to be marked all over the world.

All the best,
Benny Andersen
(President of AIEJI)

Newsletter June 2017


First of all in this newsletter I´ll thank you our Brazilian member organization AEESSP for their great job hosting our world congress in April in Campinas. This was the 19th world congress of AIEJI. More than 500 social educators from 24 different countries participated and it was a very special occasion to celebrate the finest job in the World.

I met so many dedicated professionals and it made me very proud to be the president for AIEJI, the only world organization for social educators.   And I´m very happy that I at the General Assembly was elected for president for 4 more years. Thank you.  I’m also very happy to welcome two more members in the board: Nicola Titta from Italy (ANEP) and Silvia Azevedo from Portugal (APTSES) who is also officer of the European office of AIEJI. I look very much forward to work together with you. Silvia takes over from Maria Jose Calderon from Spain (AEDEQ), and I want to thank Maria Jose for her participation in the board.

We also had to say goodbye to Irmelin Sangolt Tjelflaat from Norway (FO) who did a very good job as a General Secretary for AIEJI in the last congress period. Thank you for that! And also I want to communicate my gratitude to Emmanuel Grupper from Israel (EFSHAR) for his job as the officer of the Middle Eastern office. I’m happy that Emmanuel is still a member of the board.

The next board meeting will be 25th and 26th November in Porto in Portugal. At this meeting we are, among other things, going to discuss how and in which order to work with the coming projects that was decided at the General Assembly at the world congress. In connection to the meeting we are also going to arrange an extra ordinary general assembly in order to elect a new general secretary and maybe also a new treasurer from January 2018 and a new officer to the Middle Eastern office. I’ll come back to that in a coming newsletter.


The last AIEJI congress period 2013-2017

In our last congress period I think we in AIEJI managed to work out to very important projects (as you can read in “presidents report” placed in right side margin of this site). In the following I would like to sum up what we did.

We shed light on social educational work with refugee minor asylum seekers and social educational work within mental health. In June 2015, AIEJI published the report ”Social educational work with refugee minor asylum seekers”. The report was drawn up based on interviews with social educators in Israel, Spain, Italy and Denmark, in addition to unaccompanied refugee minors to the latter two countries. Theoretical perspectives and methods were incorporated into the delineation of good practices for social educational work with this target group. The AIEJI board communicated the project to all AIEJI members and other organisations who take an interest in this very important issue. The feedback from AIEJI member organisations has been that the report has been/is very useful for the focus on the social educational Work with this target group – which includes the work at the social educational working places in the respective countries.

During the preceding congress period, AIEJI was added to the list of INGOS holding participatory status within the Council of Europe, and under the auspices of such the AIEJI project concerning social education work with refugee minors was presented in Strasbourg in January 2016. Subsequently, a presentation of the project was sought in the Council of Europe itself under the auspices of the work programme Migrants, Asylum Seekers and Refugees in the context of major risks prevention and management. This presentation took place in Lisbon in October of the same year, plus an AIEJI article about the project was issued in the publication Migrants, Refugees, Asylum Seekers: Inclusion in Disaster Preparedness and Response, October 2016, Council of Europe. The project was also presented under the auspices of UNHCR. And in the northern part of the world the report was presented at a congress in Finland “Courage in social educational work” June 2015.

The next AIEJI report social educational work within mental health was completed in February 2017 and was presented for the first time in its finished form to the world congress in Brazil in April. The project builds on empirical data (interviews) from seven countries: Brazil, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and Denmark – involving both social psychiatry as well as treatment psychiatry. As in the project described above, theoretical perspectives and methods have been incorporated into the delineation of good practices for social educational work. In December 2016, the project was presented in an article by AIEJI in the Swiss magazine SozialAktuell (No. 12) with the title Psychische Gesundheit und Sozialpädagogik.


AIEJI in the future (2017-2021)

At the general assembly at the world congress it was decided that AIEJI will focus on three subjects in the social educational field within this congress period.

We want to shed light on social educational work with elderly people and people diagnosed with dementia. Focus will be on the latter, since this group represents an increasing part of the world’s population and calls for unique professional competences. It is crucial for people’s life chances, that they get the right support in everyday life. There is a need that the social policy efforts, in favour of the elderly and people suffering with dementia, focus on and give a support, which gives the opportunity for development, participation and codetermination in everyday life. There is a need that we do not only focus on the age, getting older, and there is a need that we do not only focus on the diagnosis dementia.

In this context social education is and can be a key element. Consequently, AIEJI will in the coming congress period initiate a project that focuses on social educators and the role of social education, tasks and the importance of the work with giving elderly people and people with dementia opportunities e.g. to participate in society, to give voice to their life situation. The project must collect worldwide examples of social educational work with elderly people and people with dementia. The project is going to result in a number of recommendations on how social educators can qualify the work with this group of citizens. The project aims to inspire social educators around the world working with senior citizens and citizens suffering with dementia.

Another subject AIEJI will shed light on is Ethics in the social educational work.Values and attitudes play a major role in social education. The social educational profession is the only profession that is consistently citizen-based; it is, as already mentioned in this article, consistently on the citizens’ side. Working with people in challenging life situations also requires that social educators have strong core values. It is about the view of humanity, it is about the professions autonomy, and it is about the political framework for social education around the world.

Today AIEJI already has a number of ethical principles for the social educational work (“Ethical guidelines for social educators”). A number of AIEJI’s member organisations also have ethical core values or ethical guidelines. Discussions and guidelines are crucial for social educators around the world. Therefore, a project that will partly identify currently ethical principles of AEIJI’s member organisations must be initiated. The project is going to identify common approaches and values within social educational work. The project should lead to a new set of values for social educators. A set of values that is going to be a part of AIEJI’s fundament; A set of values that also gives a number of recommendations to AIEJI’s member organisations; A set of values that can inspire social educators around the world in their daily work.

The third subject for AIEJI in this congress period is to be occupied with recruiting more members. Today AIEJI is the only international organisation in the world representing the social educational subject, the social educational profession and social educators as a professional group. Today AIEJI has the strongest position in Europe and Latin America. AIEJI has currently many members around the world. But AIEJI is, like many other international organisations, challenged by the fact that many places are financially strained, a world in which people increasingly focus on themselves. AIEJI’s work on specific projects about social educators’ competences and tasks in a number of fields has proven that there is a need, more than ever, for an international professional association of social educators. If an association like this did not exist, there would be a risk that social education would be reduced from a separate profession to a method within social work. Therefore, it is important and essential that AIEJI continues to be strengthened; that more organisations which represent social educators join AIEJI.

I look very much forward to lead the AIEJI tasks for 2017-2021. And I want to emphasize that it is not enough to develop great projects at board level. The important thing is to make them work in the social educational field and also to use them in political situations when needed. We will in the board do what we can to facilitate this and hope for your support to actively use and communicate the projects. Thanks a lot.

Kind regards

Benny Andersen

(President for AIEJI)






Newsletter New Year 2017

Dear all

I want to wish you a Happy New Year.

2016 has been a busy and very interesting year for AIEJI. As written in the latest newsletter there has been quite a lot of focus on our project about social educational work with refugee minor asylum seekers – especially through presentations of the project in The European Council. The very unhappy situation concerning refugees in our world has been a main topic in 2016 and I very much hope that 2017 will be the year where war and conflicts will be replaced by societies moving their ways in to balance and humanity.

In AIEJI, right now, the focus is on our coming World Congress in Campinas in Brazil 10th of April to 12th of April. The title of the congress is “I am because we are”. Please have a look at the website made by our Brazilian congress host AEESSP where you can see the program and find out about practical issues about the congress. Under submissions you’ll find call for papers if you consider to sent in a description of a workshop. Please do that before the first of February.

At the congress AIEJIs projects for the congress period 2013-2017 of course also will be represented. This includes the project about refugee minors and our project about social educational work within mental health which among other thongs includes empiric data from 7 countries (Brazil, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and Denmark). The report about mental health will be published at our website soon. The report about refugee minors where published at the website in 2015.

In November the AIEJI board meeting where held in Brazil at Campinas State University which will be the venue of the congress. The world congress, including the General Assembly, was the main topic at the board meeting and I want to use this opportunity to thank the people from our Brazilian host organization AEESSP who together with other actors work hard to realize the special event – AIEJIs 19th World Congress.

Thank you all AIEJI “followers” for 2016. AIEJI newsletters will follow in 2017 so that you can be updated on the major activities in AIEJI. I hope to see many of you in Campinas in April.

Again I wish you a Happy New Year.

Benny Andersen
(President of AIEJI).

Newsletter summer 2016

Dear all of you

It is time for a status on the AIEJI activities. Quite a lot has happened since last Newsletter. You can get an impression of that by reading this:

The AIEJI world congress in Brazil

Our world congress will be at the university in Campinas (close to Sao Paulo) from the 10th to the 12th of April 2017. We are looking very much forward to this big happening and our Brazilian member organization AEESSP, who will host the congress, works at high pressure to organize the event. Very soon the website will be announced for detailed information about the world congress.

AIEJI board meeting in Seville in connection to the CGCEES national congress, April 2016

The board meeting was held in Seville in April when and where the Spanish organization for social educators CGCEES had their national congress. This gave us the possibility to join parts of a very interesting congress with a focus on “social education and citizenship”. AIEJI contributed with a workshop discussing possibilities and challenges in the work with AIEJI activities. I gave the speech that closed congress. The farewell greeting was, not surprisingly, to give an ovation to THE FINEST JOB IN THE WORLD!

New General Secretary in AIEJI

At the AIEJI board meeting a new general secretary for AIEJI was appointed. I’m very glad to announce that Irmelin Sangolt Tjelflaat from our Norwegian member organization FO now is the General Secretary in AIEJI. I appreciate this indeed and I’m looking forward to a co-operation that has started on very well.

The refugee minor project

In January the AIEJI project was presented as an intervention in The European INGO session in the European Council. The social educational work with the unaccompanied minors was highlighted and there was a great interest in the project. After the presentation the report was given to the European Council who contacted AIEJI to ask for participation in the program “Migrants asylum seekers and refugees – in the context of major risks prevention and management”. A book on this issue is about to published and AIEJI will contribute with an article about our report. The book will be represented at a conference in Lisboa October 2016.

The mental health project

A draft version of the report is now a reality. This will in its final version include results from a mental health seminar in Brazil November 2016 and maybe also a seminar in Italy spring 2017. The seminar in Brazil will be in days connected to the next board AIEJI board meeting where preparation of the world Congress will be the main issue on the agenda. The final publication will be represented at the World Congress in Brazil April 2017.


Celebration of our international day the second of October

Yesterday we sent out a letter to AIEJI members about the upcoming celebration day – as an “early warning” of what is going to happen. Last year we celebrated the FINEST JOB IN THE WORLD by producing and spreading a very nice short film with contributions from AIEJI members around the world. I reckon that this really was a success and we would like to continue in the same track in 2016 – which means celebrating THE FINEST JOB IN THE WORLD by a short film again and with contributions from you.

This time the headline will still be THE FINEST JOB IN THE WORLD and by emphasizing that we work as agents for welfare for many target groups – and this years’ celebration will especially point out the social educational work with refugee minor asylum seekers which is in focus this congress period of AIEJI and has been the subject for an AIEJI publication.

As written in the letter more information/instructions will follow in August.

In this part of the world the summer has arrived and soon the holiday sets in. I’m looking forward to autumn 2016 with AIEJI: The seminar about social educational work within Mental Health in Brazil, our board meeting in Sao Paulo and of course the preparation concerning the AIEJI world congress in Campinas (Brazil) 10th – 12th April 2017 – where I hope to meet as many of you as possible!

All the best,

Benny Andersen (President of AIEJI).



Newsletter New Year 2015

Dear all of you

First of all, I write to you to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I hope all of you have had a wonderful year filled with many good experiences. Soon we can welcome a new and exciting year for social educators all around the world.

The refugee minor project

The latest board meeting was in Madrid from the 19th to the 21st of November. Part of the agenda was follow-up on the project about unaccompanied refugee minors. Board members presented what has been done to communicate the AIEJI report in their country to improve the refugee minors’ life situation, and support the professionals work in this field. This includes, among others, a translated version of the report from English to other languages, and communicating the report through newsletters, blogs and national websites. Also hard copies have been sent to universities, social educators, work places and organizations working with this target group.

Due to the current refugee crisis the AIEJI report needs much attention. About half of the world’s refugees are children – therefore, AIEJI wants to communicate the report to a political level as well, and we are already working on this.  We hope that the AIEJI report will contribute to the work in the Human Rights Committee within the Council of Europe. We have contacted the president of the European Council’s NGO Assembly. We hope that the AIEJI report can contribute to the work on children’s rights. In that relation AIEJI plans to participate in the Conference of the INGOs in January 2016. The unaccompanied refugee minors need all the professional awareness they can get.

Mental Health Project in Progress

Another important issue on the agenda at the board meeting in November was the AIEJI project about social educational work within the field of mental health. The work themes of the project were specified, and a project group was set. Qualitative interviews have been collected from members of AIEJI – thank you very much for the effort.

The board members presented the outcomes of the interviews processed in their country. We also touched on the positive change of perspective from illness to mental health – a relevant theme that the AIEJI project will shed light on. The social educators’ role in a recovery process, including actions and values brought into work will be emphasized.

It was very interesting to compare the outcomes of the interviews. We are now about to analyze the interviews, and processing a theoretical perspective on mental health. The aim of the report is to spread knowledge to all our members and relevant actors and to underline the importance of the social educational work within the field. Social educators contribute with something very unique in their work, and we hope that the report will help acknowledge that.

The discussion about AIEJI’s mental health project will be continued at the next board meeting, which will take place autumn 2016 in Brazil. Also the promotion of AIEJI at the world congress in Brazil 2017 is on the next agenda. Very soon we’ll be able to communicate the dates for the world congress.

I wish you again a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. May 2016 be the year for a world in progress – in all terms – here under a political alertness concerning people who suffer and also the professionals who do their best to support those who suffers. More than ever the world is in need for social educators. Thank you for doing what you are doing. Your contribution means a lot!


All the best,

Benny Andersen (President of AIEJI)


Newsletter Summer 2015

Dear all


Right now I’m in Brazil participating in a very interesting Latino American meeting in Campina (25th – 27th), and the host of the meeting is, among other organizations, aeessp – our Brazilian AIEJI member organization. The title of the assembly is Social Education: Perspectives and challenges. There are presentations in plenum and discussions in thematic groups. For instance our AIEJI board member from aeessp, Ney Moraes, has talked about the work of the Latin American AIEJI Office. And our member from Uruguay, Claudio Desanti, has talked about “social educator as worker and/or activist in citizenship construction”. In the thematic groups different issues have been touched, for instance “traditional communities”, “Handcrafts and arts” and “social movements”.


I participate in the meeting in my capacity of being president of AIEJI and in my speech and my presentation I focused on the core of social educational work, the professional competences this calls for and the basic values and messages that in my eyes are drifting this work. Saturday we will finish the meeting with field visits arranged by our fantastic hosts – and I’ll go back to Denmark soon after.


In my part of the world summer holiday is around the corner, and a special occasion I can look back at, since last Newsletter, is our AIEJI board meeting May 9th 10th in Lisboa. Here our Portuguese member organization, aptses, did a great job to facilitate the arrangements for the meeting. I want to say thank you for that, again!


At the meeting we said goodbye to Ellen Galaasen, the now former General Secretary of AIEJI. I write “former” because Ellen was not reelected at the National Congress in March in the AIEJI member organization FO in Norway. Luckily she is still in AIEJI now as an individual member. And luckily a new member from FO has entered the board. Her name is Marianne Solberg Johnsen. Until a new General Secretary is brought in to action I’ll do the work together with Bodil Damsgaard who in general supports the work of AIEJI due to her work with international relations in my organization in Denmark.


In Lisboa the final edition of the refugee minor project was decided. And as you can read at the AIEJI website (the latest publication at the site) the report is now a reality. I very much hope you will do an effort to spread out knowledge about the report at all levels – and if you work with this very disposed group of children and youths I hope that the material can support you in your job.


The new AIEJI project is about social educational work with mental health. A questionnaire is under preparation and early autumn the AIEJI board members will interview social educators in the field in their country – and the empirical studies will be discussed and processed at the next board meeting in Spain November 21st and 22nd


The second October we celebrate Social educators’ international day for the seventh time! The day was set up at the AIEJI world congress in 2009 in Denmark. The day is for celebrating our profession, and social educational organizations mark the day in different ways. This year AIEJI plans a worldwide celebrating by using the hashtag #thefinestjobintheworld, where we call on all you social educators to join, and to post photos of social educators – because indeed we do have the finest job in the world. More information about the happening will follow on the AIEJI website.


I wish you all a nice summer or winter – depending on your position on earth.

All the best,

Benny Andersen  (President of AIEJI)

Newsletter December 2014

Dear all

Christmas and New Year are close and I write to you to wish you a merry and a happy one. I hope the last year has been a good one for you in your professional fields – knowing that all of us are challenged doing the difference that we really want to do. Crisis, politics and economy often narrow the scope of our profession and we’re forced to think different and try and find new solutions for our way of working. This is the schism we face in our daily working life – in some countries more than others. And we have to deal with it in a professional way being aware that we need to do the best with the resources we’ve got and at the same time use our voices to formulate rights of people in vulnerable situations – and obligations concerning these rights.

As most of you probably know unaccompanied refugee minors have been in focus in AIEJI’s work in 2014. I wrote about this more detailed in the latest Newsletter after participation (late September this year) in the AIEJI seminar in Rome about the issue. Now we’re in a process where all the empirical material is being analyzed and put into form. The result will be a written report to spread knowledge to all our members and interested parties – hoping very much that the social educators work with this target group will be emphasized and acknowledged as a very important and challenging work area – for the good of the children and young people being in so insecure life situations.

At the latest AIEJI board meeting (in Milan ultimo November) a Brazilian seminar June 2015 about social educators work with the minors also was at the agenda. A presentation of the report will be one of the activities at the seminar, and also the report will be represented at a Nordic conference in Finland the same month.

The coming board meeting will be in May 2015 in Spain or Portugal. Here the next AIEJI project will be kick started – the project about mentally disabled persons and the social educational work with them. In spring 2015 an overview of the main challenges in different countries will be made to strengthen the board decision of what approach to choose for the project.

But now it’s December and many of us can look forward to celebrate Christmas and New Year. I wish you all the best for the next year. Personally I’m looking forward to co-operate and be in lead of the AIEJI activities in 2015.

A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you!


Benny Andersen.


Autumn AIEJI Newsletter


Dear all


Two important things have happened the last weeks: The second of October we celebrated the international day of social educators. And 27th and 28th of September our member organization from Italy, ANEP, arranged a very interesting seminar about unaccompanied refugee minors.


The international day of social educators’


In Denmark we celebrated the international day of social educators in the Parliament. My organization had a hearing about the need for a national research program in the social educational field – research relevant for the social educational practice. Social educators participated in the hearing and there were a lot of interesting perspectives on the lack of research in certain areas. This was a great opportunity to make politicians focus on our field.


It would be very interesting to hear about other celebrations in the world. Please feel free to use the AIEJI site for this purpose. Maybe we can inspire each other in general – or get ideas to celebrations next year – whether we’re talking local, organizational and maybe political happenings. All levels are important when we celebrate our day!


A seminar about unaccompanied refugee minors


As a part of AIEJIs focus on unaccompanied refugee children and young people the Italian organization ANEP played host to a range of interested professionals working with or studying this group of minors. This seminar in Rome was a great opportunity to share knowledge and listen to experts from the field.


As part of the AIEJI project the results of interviews with a) social educators working with unaccompanied refugee minors b) unaccompanied refugee young people – were presented. The results were from Israel, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Denmark. A picture of a very challenging job was drawn. And regarding the minors a picture of very challenging life conditions was drawn.


The backgrounds of the minors are very different: Some of them flee from civil wars, a life as a soldier, conflicts and poverty, others from from violent families or very bad relations in families or communities. Some come from refugee camps, and others from ressorcefull homes and maybe they are educated. Some arrive in boats with too many persons, others with flights, and otgers have been running most of the way. Some has an uncle or an aunt in the new country, some have nobody. Some want to be reunited with their families, and some would rather die. But everybody has one thing in common: They all left an unwished life situaion in hope for something better.


At the seminar Viviana Valastro from Save the Children in Italy talked about working in the field with the minors, and Federica Sorge, Lawyer in Association Rights Project in Italy, talked about the minors’ legal status. Niccola Titta, supervisor at an Italian foster home for minors (member of ANEP) talked about the children and young peoples background, their arrivals and their challenges, the crucial work of the social educator and the need for a system that include and work for this group of minors.


Concerning the AIEJI project, Anna Sito (who has assisted the project due to her master in International Cooperation and Intercultural Mediation) also presented important publications being of great relevance for the project – hereby Statement of Good Practice, UNHCR, UNICEF, 2009.


I want to thank ANEP for doing a great job with the seminar, and especially Elena Molteni who is also in the AIEJI board – she did an outstanding job in setting up the seminar. Also a big thank you to Thomas Vollmer from Switzerland who had a very important role in summarizing the seminar and leading the workshops.

If you want to know more about the seminar please have a look at this link


Coming AIEJI activities


28th and 29th November we’ll have the next board meeting and the project about unaccompanied refugee minors will be part of the agenda – here by also the arrangement of a seminar on the issue in Brazil in spring 2015. The meeting takes place in Milan. The plan was that the meeting should be in Israel – in extension to a seminar about unaccompanied refugee children and young people, also with the partcipation of a Palestinian organisation. But the situation in this part of the world made us move the board meeting to Milan and cancel the seminar.


Emmanuel Grupper from the board worked very hard on realisation of both board meeting and seminar in Israel – but the political reality catched up with us. I’ll finish this newsletter by wishing all the best for the situation in this part of the world. Hopefully peace and dialogue will mark the future and give hope to all the people who are affected.


Best wishes


Benny Andersen

(President of AIEJI)





From Benny Andersen: Newsletter + Presidents Report


Dear all of you

Easter has passed and in my part of the world summertime is getting close.

But the sun already came to me in the beginning of April, in Zaragoza in Spain: Three days of great experiences with people in and connected to AIEJI: 4th of April we had the AIEJI board meeting, and 5th of April we had a special meeting of General Assembly followed by a European Symposium of Social Educators’ – with a focus on the professional qualifications directive and common principles of training.

I’m happy to say that I at the special meeting of General Assembly was reelected as the president for AIEJI. It’s an honour for me to continue this work and I’m looking very much forward to cooperate about important issues.

Lars Steinov from Denmark who has been the General Secretary for AIEJI in many years chosed to stop as a board member. Luckily he’ll still be active as a resource person especially concerning the NGO position in European Council. Also treasurer Thomas Vollmer from Switzerland chosed to stop as a board member, and Marco Corrente from Italy did the same.

At the General Assembly I thanked for their great work but in this newsletter I also want to emphasize that their initiatives and support has been of special value for AIEJI.

Ellen Galaasen from Norway was elected as the new General Secretary and Daniela Duff from Switzerland as the new treasurer. Lorenzo Lucarelli from Spain was elected as a new board member, and also Maria Kholodtsova from Russia – as Regional officer of the Russian/Asian Bureau.

Ney Moraes Filho from Brazil was reelected as regional officer of The Latin American Bureau, Emmanuel Grupper from Israel as regional officer of The Middle East Bureau, and Maria José Calderon from Spain as regional officer of The European Bureau. Also reelected was Claudio Desanti from Uruguay, Elena Molteni from Italy and Honoré Gregorius from Luxembourg.

I welcome the new board members and I’m happy to say that I’m looking very much forward to work together with both new and old board members!

As the last thing I’m happy to inform all of you that the proposal of new by-laws of AIEJI were decided at The General Assembly. I believe that this will make a very positive difference for AIEJI. Below you can read about the proposal, and also the project work in AIEJI, in the presence of my report as part of the standing order at the General Assembly.

I wish you all the best and hope for and believe in years of great work in AIEJI.

Kind regards

Benny Andersen


Report from the president April 2014

New by-laws and formulated job description an working routines for the board

At the General Assembly in Luxembourg in April 2013 it was decided to work for new principles for the composition and tasks of AIEJI’s board and board members.

The aim was, and is, to reach the objective of extending the knowledge of social educational work methods, and develop AIEJI to be a stronger voice and a stronger organization, which can be used by educational organizations and individual social educators across the world.

It was, and is, estimated that it is necessary that the work of AIEJI to a higher degree is based upon organizational members. It is necessary that the output of AIEJI becomes less dependent on individual contributions and individual members. It is necessary, instead, that regional and national social educational organizations take ownership of what happens in AIEJI and become active partners of AIEJI.

At the General Assembly it was decided that the board should be much smaller based primarily on category A members and a maximum of one person per country, and that all (functioning) regions are represented on the board.

At the next board meeting, Barcelona June 2013, a brain storm concerning the matter were initiated. A working group was settled and the group communicated about amendments to the by- laws and formulated working routines for the board. A proposal was discussed at the following board meeting, Madrid November 2013. A few specifications were decided and worked in. The formulated working routines was published at the AIEJI website .The proposal to new by-laws was sent to AIEJI members 5th of February 2014 together with the standing order business.

Project work: Refugee children and persons with mental disorders

At the General Assembly in Luxembourg in April 2013 it was decided for the next congress period to put work in to two projects: Refugee children and persons with mental disorders. At the board meeting in June 2013 the board decided to start with the project about refugee children. A project group was set up, with a project leader and a coordinator.

At the board meeting in November 2013 a project plan was presented and commented. The focus of the project is social educational work with unaccompanied refugee children, the most vulnerable group. Around 20 countries have filled out questionnaires of mainly quantitative character. Three qualitative interviews with social educators are being prepared. Data will be taken together and a report will be made.

A seminar in Italy in September 2014 is being organized, one in Israel in November 2014, and one in Brazil in 2015.

The project concerning social educational work with persons with mental disorders will start up at the beginning of 2015.

The profession of Social Education in Europe – a comparative survey

This survey has been initiated by the Spanish AIEJI member organization CGEES. The survey underlines a European variation regarding the different educations and understandings of the profession and terminologies, where different historical, cultural and social factors play a role.

The survey gives a needed overview of the profession in Europe and a platform to discuss and promote the profession in the context of the European Union.

(The survey is published here




















Merry Christmas and a happy New Year


Dear all


Soon it is Christmas and shortly after we can write 2014.


I hope 2013 was a good year for social educators all over the world. A milestone for me was the AIEJI World Congress in Luxembourg in April with participation of around 500 social educators from 36 countries. It is very special to be gathered in and around a profession that has so much to offer.


The congress also included the AIEJI General Assembly where important principles for a new organizational structure were decided in order to strengthen the work of AIEJI. The board has been working on this since, and there has been a meeting in June and one in November – both in Spain.


Soon members of AIEJI will see this work and receive a proposal to new by-laws with the opportunity to comment, and the 5th of April there will be an extra ordinary General Assembly in Spain. More information will follow.


Also the project work about unaccompanied refugee children has taken form. The focus is the crucial social educational work with these minors who are far away from their families and who know nothing about their future.


Questionnaires, of mainly quantitative character, have been collected from members of AIEJI to get information about conditions in different countries. Thank you so much to you who contributed.


The work is going to be followed up by qualitative interviews of social educators working with the children, analysis of material and surveys on the issue, and a final report. Seminars will be planned in autumn 2014: One in The Middle East, one in Europe and one in South America.


I want to thank all for the work you have done in our professional field the last year. The economic crisis has been challenging us  –  fewer jobs, change in working conditions, and more people who need our support. It is a rough time to be a social educator in. But we know we can do a difference. And we do it – even though conditions out of our reach are present. Thank you for that, again.


I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. May 2014 bring all the best!


Benny Andersen

(President of AIEJI)

AIEJI’s 19th World Congress

Aieji 19th World Congress

XIX Congresso

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AIEJI’s 18th World Congress

In the President's Report 2013 you can read about the activities of AIEJI in the last congress period as well as the ideas for the coming work programme in 2013 - 2017.

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