Newsletter September 2013


Dear all of you

After a sunny summer (in this part of the world) we’re back on the track doing activities in AIEJI, and it’s time to give a little report on that. This Newsletter will be about the International Day of Social Educators 2nd of October, three international congresses, and the AEIJI board working on new by-laws and the project about refugee children.



The last three years the link to an electronic International-Day-of-Social-Educators-postcard was posted on to remark this very important day. We’ll do it again this year and hopefully you’ll send the postcard to colleagues and persons in your network. Please keep an eye on the website – soon the link to the 2013 postcard will be there.

In Denmark we remark the International Day of Social Educators by arranging “Open House” on a range of work places. Everybody who wants to know more about social educators work with different user groups – including challenges in the social educator’s daily working life – are invited. In November we have local election (every 4th year), and we especially make an effort to get local politicians to visit the working places to focus on our user groups and the work social educators are doing for and with them.

The 2nd of October will be celebrated with activities in different parts of the world, and you’re more than welcome to write a little about activities that you know of – to share with your international colleagues on the AIEJI website. Please send an e-mail to


AIEJI board activities

As written in the last newsletter we started to work on a new proposal to the by-laws of AIEJI – to strengthen the organization. The starting point for this was the General Assembly in Luxembourg in April and the board meeting in Barcelona in June. The incoming ideas have been structured and we’re now in a process where the working group is commenting on a draft version. On the next board meeting in Spain in November the working group will represent a proposal for the rest of the board. After that the members of AIEJI will be heard and new by-laws will be a reality June 2014.

The project concerning refugee children has started up by developing a questionnaire about data concerning refuge children (how many, from which countries, how many social educators work with the children and so on). The questionnaire will be sent out to member organizations when the project group has approved it. Ellen Galaasen from Norway is leader of the project.


Three international congresses coming up

In October three interesting congresses will take place. I know about these because they have been announced to me:

APTSES (Portuguese Association of Social Education Workers) is organizing the third International Congress on Social Education, which is focused on Education and Social Integration. It’ll take place in Oporto (Portugal) on 2nd and 3rd of October 2013. Please have a look at for further information.

From 8th until 12th October, the FICE World Congress 2013 will take place in Bern in Switzerland. FICE work for child and youth care around the world, and the congress issue is “Ways toward inclusion – a challenge for all of us”. Further information is to be found on

In Spain there is a congress at the same time – more precisely from 8th until 11th October. The theme of the congress taking place in Santander is “Educational sciences and developmental Psychology”. The organizing institutions are Fundacion General – UGR- Empresa og Universidad de Granada. See more at

This was all from now. I hope you´re well and have a lot of energy doing what you’re doing in your daily life. Once in a while I still think of the great moments in Luxembourg in April. It gives a great energy to meet people who are involved in the field we’re involved in!


Best wishes

Benny Andersen

(President of AIEJI)


Newsletter june 2013


Dear all of you


After rainy days in Denmark the sun came, summer seems real and soon we’re setting in with vacations. Hopefully this newsletter reaches you before eventually holidays.


I want to write you a little about the recent work in AIEJI. Since the fantastic World Congress in Luxembourg in April we have moved on with new tasks to promote the international work in our field.


6th and 7th of June the AIEJI board met in Barcelona. Two main points were on the agenda: A new organizational structure to strengthen cooperation and ownership to international activities. And the start-up of a new project concerning refugee children or persons with mental illnesses – which are the two focus areas the board is going to work with in this congress period (2013-2017).


In Barcelona new ideas to strengthen the organization were suggested around a skeleton that I sat up: A smaller board, not more than one representation from each country, the entering of binding partnerships concerning the development of the region offices – to promote engagement and ownership.


A working group was consolidated: Thomas Volmer (Switzerland), Ney Moraes Filho (Brazil), Maria José Calderon (Spain) and me Benny Andersen (Denmark).


New by-laws are expected to be a reality in the summer of 2014. Before that the working group, in cooperation with the rest of the board, will prepare a suggestion and let it be heard by the members of AIEJI.


In Barcelona a majority of the board wanted to start-up the project concerning refugee children, and afterwards (early 2015) to start-up the project concerning persons with mental illnesses.


A structured brainstorm around refugee children exposed different challenges in different parts of the world and a project group representing diverse countries was consolidated: Elena Molteni (Italy), Claudio Desanti Sanchez (Uruguay), Ellen Galaasen (Norway) and Honoré Gregorius (Luxembourg). Emmanuel Grupper (Israel) joined the project group after the meeting. A project design is expected to be ready 24th and 25th November this year – the dates for the next board meeting.


As the last thing in this newsletter I want to inform you about the fact that AIEJI now is considered as a NGO by the Council of Europe. I expect this status to be an opportunity to network around issues of special interests, for instance refugee children, and that it’ll give us better opportunities in the field of fundraising. General Secretary Lars Steinov (Denmark) will later this month participate in a conference for NGOs – arranged by the Council of Europe. This will give us more knowledge about the possibilities in this field.


I wish you all a good summer or winter – depending on where you’re living. I’m looking forward to work with the new tasks in AIEJI. I find the challenges very interesting and I’m sure we’re going to take new and great steps to promote social education in our world.



Best wishes


Benny Andersen

(President of AIEJI)













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