Equine mediated education

Lorenzo Lucarelli, living in Spain, has asked me to post this interesting letter:


Dear friends and colleagues of social pedagogy,


Equine mediated education and therapy are a set of activities aimed to give to the users some living experiences with horses (and/or other animals too) in the natural environment.


Equine mediated educators and therapists act together with their equine partners in order to improve certain aspects of life of people who may suffer either from a disability and/or from social exclusion.


With physically disable people the horse help extending the range of mobility of the pelvis, the spine, and the legs and arms. Improve breathing and all metabolic processes through walking exercises, improve communication and social skills, balance and strength. With psychically disable people the relation with horses helps in building, maintaining and/or recovering personal and social skills.


But where the equine mediated activities show their true potential is in social education and in social work. Equine mediated activities have proven to be highly effective in drug addictions rehabilitation, in helping the immigrants to get integrated in their new host societies, in giving a break, a breath to the people who is stressed by the city fast lifestyle, and in many other ways that it would be too hard to explain… in fact we are talking about experiences… about real living experiences with animals, trying to get along and to make them do what we would like them to do, but without using any kind of violence or constriction on them.


Since equine mediated education and therapies are so good for the mankind and for a peaceful relation of our society with nature, it is important that all the educators get aware of the fact that it is a need to protect the animals’ rights and to integrate them in our ordinary life.


We stride for a better future together with our friends the animals… would you help us?


Thank you very much.


In order to receive more details about our projects please don’t hesitate to write to secretaria@aedeq.org or else to lucarellil@hotmail.com


more information about equine mediated education and therapies in the following webs:





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2 Responses to “Equine mediated education”

  • Marta:

    Hi! I’m very exited to find you! I’ve been helping as a volunteer in a foundation that develops horse therapy. I am social educator and conflicts mediator, i’d love to learn more about that mediated education with horses and other animals.

    Glad to know about your experience. Thankyou!


  • Hello Marta,
    nice to meet you and to know that you are interested in therapies and education mediated by horses.
    Could you please get in touch with us directly from our webpage http://www.aedeq.org? or through our facebook account or contacting me directly? I’m Lorenzo Lucarelli, the president of the association.

    Thank you
    Kind Regards
    Dr. Lorenzo Lucarelli – AEDEQ – AIEJI – HETI – FITRAM

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