From Benny Andersen: Newsletter + Presidents Report


Dear all of you

Easter has passed and in my part of the world summertime is getting close.

But the sun already came to me in the beginning of April, in Zaragoza in Spain: Three days of great experiences with people in and connected to AIEJI: 4th of April we had the AIEJI board meeting, and 5th of April we had a special meeting of General Assembly followed by a European Symposium of Social Educators’ – with a focus on the professional qualifications directive and common principles of training.

I’m happy to say that I at the special meeting of General Assembly was reelected as the president for AIEJI. It’s an honour for me to continue this work and I’m looking very much forward to cooperate about important issues.

Lars Steinov from Denmark who has been the General Secretary for AIEJI in many years chosed to stop as a board member. Luckily he’ll still be active as a resource person especially concerning the NGO position in European Council. Also treasurer Thomas Vollmer from Switzerland chosed to stop as a board member, and Marco Corrente from Italy did the same.

At the General Assembly I thanked for their great work but in this newsletter I also want to emphasize that their initiatives and support has been of special value for AIEJI.

Ellen Galaasen from Norway was elected as the new General Secretary and Daniela Duff from Switzerland as the new treasurer. Lorenzo Lucarelli from Spain was elected as a new board member, and also Maria Kholodtsova from Russia – as Regional officer of the Russian/Asian Bureau.

Ney Moraes Filho from Brazil was reelected as regional officer of The Latin American Bureau, Emmanuel Grupper from Israel as regional officer of The Middle East Bureau, and Maria José Calderon from Spain as regional officer of The European Bureau. Also reelected was Claudio Desanti from Uruguay, Elena Molteni from Italy and Honoré Gregorius from Luxembourg.

I welcome the new board members and I’m happy to say that I’m looking very much forward to work together with both new and old board members!

As the last thing I’m happy to inform all of you that the proposal of new by-laws of AIEJI were decided at The General Assembly. I believe that this will make a very positive difference for AIEJI. Below you can read about the proposal, and also the project work in AIEJI, in the presence of my report as part of the standing order at the General Assembly.

I wish you all the best and hope for and believe in years of great work in AIEJI.

Kind regards

Benny Andersen


Report from the president April 2014

New by-laws and formulated job description an working routines for the board

At the General Assembly in Luxembourg in April 2013 it was decided to work for new principles for the composition and tasks of AIEJI’s board and board members.

The aim was, and is, to reach the objective of extending the knowledge of social educational work methods, and develop AIEJI to be a stronger voice and a stronger organization, which can be used by educational organizations and individual social educators across the world.

It was, and is, estimated that it is necessary that the work of AIEJI to a higher degree is based upon organizational members. It is necessary that the output of AIEJI becomes less dependent on individual contributions and individual members. It is necessary, instead, that regional and national social educational organizations take ownership of what happens in AIEJI and become active partners of AIEJI.

At the General Assembly it was decided that the board should be much smaller based primarily on category A members and a maximum of one person per country, and that all (functioning) regions are represented on the board.

At the next board meeting, Barcelona June 2013, a brain storm concerning the matter were initiated. A working group was settled and the group communicated about amendments to the by- laws and formulated working routines for the board. A proposal was discussed at the following board meeting, Madrid November 2013. A few specifications were decided and worked in. The formulated working routines was published at the AIEJI website .The proposal to new by-laws was sent to AIEJI members 5th of February 2014 together with the standing order business.

Project work: Refugee children and persons with mental disorders

At the General Assembly in Luxembourg in April 2013 it was decided for the next congress period to put work in to two projects: Refugee children and persons with mental disorders. At the board meeting in June 2013 the board decided to start with the project about refugee children. A project group was set up, with a project leader and a coordinator.

At the board meeting in November 2013 a project plan was presented and commented. The focus of the project is social educational work with unaccompanied refugee children, the most vulnerable group. Around 20 countries have filled out questionnaires of mainly quantitative character. Three qualitative interviews with social educators are being prepared. Data will be taken together and a report will be made.

A seminar in Italy in September 2014 is being organized, one in Israel in November 2014, and one in Brazil in 2015.

The project concerning social educational work with persons with mental disorders will start up at the beginning of 2015.

The profession of Social Education in Europe – a comparative survey

This survey has been initiated by the Spanish AIEJI member organization CGEES. The survey underlines a European variation regarding the different educations and understandings of the profession and terminologies, where different historical, cultural and social factors play a role.

The survey gives a needed overview of the profession in Europe and a platform to discuss and promote the profession in the context of the European Union.

(The survey is published here




















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