Merry Christmas and a happy New Year


Dear all


Soon it is Christmas and shortly after we can write 2014.


I hope 2013 was a good year for social educators all over the world. A milestone for me was the AIEJI World Congress in Luxembourg in April with participation of around 500 social educators from 36 countries. It is very special to be gathered in and around a profession that has so much to offer.


The congress also included the AIEJI General Assembly where important principles for a new organizational structure were decided in order to strengthen the work of AIEJI. The board has been working on this since, and there has been a meeting in June and one in November – both in Spain.


Soon members of AIEJI will see this work and receive a proposal to new by-laws with the opportunity to comment, and the 5th of April there will be an extra ordinary General Assembly in Spain. More information will follow.


Also the project work about unaccompanied refugee children has taken form. The focus is the crucial social educational work with these minors who are far away from their families and who know nothing about their future.


Questionnaires, of mainly quantitative character, have been collected from members of AIEJI to get information about conditions in different countries. Thank you so much to you who contributed.


The work is going to be followed up by qualitative interviews of social educators working with the children, analysis of material and surveys on the issue, and a final report. Seminars will be planned in autumn 2014: One in The Middle East, one in Europe and one in South America.


I want to thank all for the work you have done in our professional field the last year. The economic crisis has been challenging us  –  fewer jobs, change in working conditions, and more people who need our support. It is a rough time to be a social educator in. But we know we can do a difference. And we do it – even though conditions out of our reach are present. Thank you for that, again.


I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. May 2014 bring all the best!


Benny Andersen

(President of AIEJI)

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