Newsletter New Year 2015

Dear all of you

First of all, I write to you to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I hope all of you have had a wonderful year filled with many good experiences. Soon we can welcome a new and exciting year for social educators all around the world.

The refugee minor project

The latest board meeting was in Madrid from the 19th to the 21st of November. Part of the agenda was follow-up on the project about unaccompanied refugee minors. Board members presented what has been done to communicate the AIEJI report in their country to improve the refugee minors’ life situation, and support the professionals work in this field. This includes, among others, a translated version of the report from English to other languages, and communicating the report through newsletters, blogs and national websites. Also hard copies have been sent to universities, social educators, work places and organizations working with this target group.

Due to the current refugee crisis the AIEJI report needs much attention. About half of the world’s refugees are children – therefore, AIEJI wants to communicate the report to a political level as well, and we are already working on this.  We hope that the AIEJI report will contribute to the work in the Human Rights Committee within the Council of Europe. We have contacted the president of the European Council’s NGO Assembly. We hope that the AIEJI report can contribute to the work on children’s rights. In that relation AIEJI plans to participate in the Conference of the INGOs in January 2016. The unaccompanied refugee minors need all the professional awareness they can get.

Mental Health Project in Progress

Another important issue on the agenda at the board meeting in November was the AIEJI project about social educational work within the field of mental health. The work themes of the project were specified, and a project group was set. Qualitative interviews have been collected from members of AIEJI – thank you very much for the effort.

The board members presented the outcomes of the interviews processed in their country. We also touched on the positive change of perspective from illness to mental health – a relevant theme that the AIEJI project will shed light on. The social educators’ role in a recovery process, including actions and values brought into work will be emphasized.

It was very interesting to compare the outcomes of the interviews. We are now about to analyze the interviews, and processing a theoretical perspective on mental health. The aim of the report is to spread knowledge to all our members and relevant actors and to underline the importance of the social educational work within the field. Social educators contribute with something very unique in their work, and we hope that the report will help acknowledge that.

The discussion about AIEJI’s mental health project will be continued at the next board meeting, which will take place autumn 2016 in Brazil. Also the promotion of AIEJI at the world congress in Brazil 2017 is on the next agenda. Very soon we’ll be able to communicate the dates for the world congress.

I wish you again a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. May 2016 be the year for a world in progress – in all terms – here under a political alertness concerning people who suffer and also the professionals who do their best to support those who suffers. More than ever the world is in need for social educators. Thank you for doing what you are doing. Your contribution means a lot!


All the best,

Benny Andersen (President of AIEJI)


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