AIEJI World Congress 10th – 12th April

The 19th AIEJI World Congress took place in Brazil, April 2017.



The two reports, presented at the World Congress, can be downloaded here:

Social educational work with refugee minor asylum seekers.

Social educational work within mental health.

Looking for job in US…

My name is Lars. I’m 26 years old and from Denmark.
I’m looking to move to the US, more specifically the New York/New Jersey areas.
I have a Bachelor in Social Education and I have work field experience from working in a social psychiatric environment, where I have encountered people with multiple diagnoses and drug addiction.
I would prefer to work in this kind of environment again but I’m open to other kinds of work within the Social Educational spectrum.
I’ve recently visited the US and Canada, so I have a taste of what it’s like over there.
My English is fluent both in writing and speaking.
If you have any interest or if you are able to help me in any way, please contact me on

Newsletter New Year 2017

Dear all

I want to wish you a Happy New Year.

2016 has been a busy and very interesting year for AIEJI. As written in the latest newsletter there has been quite a lot of focus on our project about social educational work with refugee minor asylum seekers – especially through presentations of the project in The European Council. The very unhappy situation concerning refugees in our world has been a main topic in 2016 and I very much hope that 2017 will be the year where war and conflicts will be replaced by societies moving their ways in to balance and humanity.

In AIEJI, right now, the focus is on our coming World Congress in Campinas in Brazil 10th of April to 12th of April. The title of the congress is “I am because we are”. Please have a look at the website made by our Brazilian congress host AEESSP where you can see the program and find out about practical issues about the congress. Under submissions you’ll find call for papers if you consider to sent in a description of a workshop. Please do that before the first of February.

At the congress AIEJIs projects for the congress period 2013-2017 of course also will be represented. This includes the project about refugee minors and our project about social educational work within mental health which among other thongs includes empiric data from 7 countries (Brazil, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and Denmark). The report about mental health will be published at our website soon. The report about refugee minors where published at the website in 2015.

In November the AIEJI board meeting where held in Brazil at Campinas State University which will be the venue of the congress. The world congress, including the General Assembly, was the main topic at the board meeting and I want to use this opportunity to thank the people from our Brazilian host organization AEESSP who together with other actors work hard to realize the special event – AIEJIs 19th World Congress.

Thank you all AIEJI “followers” for 2016. AIEJI newsletters will follow in 2017 so that you can be updated on the major activities in AIEJI. I hope to see many of you in Campinas in April.

Again I wish you a Happy New Year.

Benny Andersen
(President of AIEJI).

Join the international online education class for NGO and professional trainers of caregiver groups

As you are probably aware, NGOs and caregivers in group care systems (small group homes, orphanages, fugitive child groups) around the world have little access to formal and research based caregiver training, and group instructor education. To meet this demand for high quality trainer’s training, now has designed an online education in training groups of caregivers.

The first class Jan 2017 is already full – participants are from Russia, India, Indonesia, Canada and Estonia. If you wish to join the class starting medio March 2017, please mail us at We will provide you with materials.

You can find more details about our mission to change child research into low cost training tools for NGOs at

Since 2008, Fairstart designed free online training programmes in fifteen language versions, to provide local NGOs worldwide with high quality caregiver training. We cooperate with NGOs who translate and adjust our training programs to local culture during training. For example, we are developing versions of our training programs in Swahili and Kinyarwanda, for SOSChildren’s Villages. We operate on all continents.

To ensure the successful implementation of our online based training, we have now developed a Certified online Instructor Education. This education is a low cost tool to educate key persons in your organisation in how to use our online caregiver group training programmes. It complies with the European Qualification Standard at level five (mastering theory and group education). NGOs can refer groups for instructor training, and individuals can sign up as well.
(We are currently working on the design of a foster care instructor education in using also our foster care training programmes – this will be available during 2017).

How can I apply for joining the first class?

The instructor education is an eight module online-based curriculum which takes 4 months to complete and requires only 3-4 hours of work a week for each student. During this, each student trains a group of caregivers, using five sessions from our online caregiver group training programs.

Education demo: On our webpage ( you can access a free demo and study the first module, which will guide you through our education, its structure and its benefits.

Best wishes from child psychologist Niels Peter Rygaard, CEO at the Fairstart Foundation, Denmark”

Female social educator looking for job in France

Je m’appelle Merete, j’ai 29 ans et je cherche un travail en France. I graduated as a social educator in 2015 in Copenhagen in Denmark and have since then worked with young refugees. I have also experience from working in an orphanage and with people with mental developmental disorder. I have travelled quite a bit and enjoy learning new things and adapt into new cultures. For many years I’ve wanted to live in France and now seems to be the perfect time. That’s why I’m hoping to find a job, where I can use my skills as a social educator and at the same time gain more experience within my field. I’m looking for a job preferably with teens or young adults with some kind of social vulnerability or difficulties.
My French is not perfect, but I am taking French classes twice a week and am learning fast. I believe I’ll soon be able to communicate in French on a decent level. If you have knowledge of a job opportunity, a contact or just like to learn more about me please don’t hesitate to send me an email at

Best regards Merete Nørgaard, Denmark

AIEJI in The European Council

Friday AIEJI presented the report “Social educational work with unaccompanied refugee minors seeking asylum” in the European Council at their conference in Lisbon on ” Migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in the context of major risks prevention and management.”



Please watch this



Happy Social Educators Day 2nd of October

Dear all

Very soon, 2nd of October, we’ll celebrate a very special day: The international day of social educators. This is the day we celebrate our profession – that we have the competences to support humans in need, that we know what this support means for humans and society and that we’re proud of what we’re doing and what we can achieve!


Facebook event
A Facebook-event is created for the celebration. This can be found here:

Please invite other social educators to join the event.


Share photos
Also, we are looking forward to seeing your contributions to the celebration. Please share photos that show that you and your colleagues are proud of your job either on Instagram using #thefinestjobintheworld or on Facebook posting your pictures on the Facebook event. Please also share information at Facebook about activities concerning this special day. Together we will show the world that we are proud of our job and want the world to know.

Happy Social Educators Day!

Website AIEJI World Congress Brazil 10th – 12th April 2017


Please have a look at the AIEJI World Congress website:

We very much hope to see you in Brazil.


Concerning Swiss participation in The World Congress in Brazil

Dear AIEJI members from Switzerland

Jean Marc Roethlisberger would like to get in contact with other AIEJI members who are planning to participate in The World Congress in Brazil 10th – 12th April 2017:

Chères et chers membres AIEJI de Suisse Romande, (associations, institutions et individuels).

Comme vous le savez, le prochain congrès aura lieu l’année prochaine au Brésil. Nous sommes quelques vaudois de la région de Lausanne désireux de participer à ce grand rendez-vous de notre association. Si vous y pensez également, ne manquez pas de nous communiquer votre adresse mail afin que nous puissions vous informer de nos projets.

Au plaisir de vous lire : Joëlle Cosandey, Guillaume Favre et Jean-Marc Roethlisberger (ancien trésorier de l’AIEJI)

AIEJI’s 19th World Congress

Aieji 19th World Congress

XIX Congresso

In the President's Report 2017 you can read about AIEJI's work and projects from 2013-2017. You can also read about the coming work programme for the next four years.

Download the report here.

AIEJI’s 18th World Congress

In the President's Report 2013 you can read about the activities of AIEJI in the last congress period as well as the ideas for the coming work programme in 2013 - 2017.

Download the report here.