Social Pedagogy in the UK

Dear colleagues,

In the discussion about the professional development of social pedagogy/social education I asked a British colleague, Claire Cameron from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, in the UK to give an account of the development of social pedagogy in the UK.

Read here about the status of Social Pedagogy in the UK.

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4 Responses to “Social Pedagogy in the UK”

  • Hello Claire

    Thank you for the interesting paper. I developed a global orphan caregiver online education (see website), which has attracted large numbers of social pedagogues and other professionals . Next year it will be available i 25 languages online, and we’ll do some effect studies in Indonesian orphanages.
    If you mail me, I can send you the recommendations from the project to the EUropean Commission concerning common educational standards for caregivers in charge of outplaced children.
    Yours Niels ( Denmark

  • PS: the link in your letter to is invalid- what’s the right one?

  • Interesting paper, thanks so much. We have an amazing discussion here in Spain in relation to several terms we use in our practice: Social Pedagogy, Social Education and Socioeducative Action, anycase i consider this debate it’s very important to become light for practising a real Social education, this is the unique method we can apply in order to continue the ancient spirit of intervention, i mean not all practices are valid (but useful) when we are referring Social Education methods and technics, at least this is my opinion.

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