Study visit in Berlin

Earlier this month, a department from the Danish Federation of Social Educators had a meeting in Berlin and took the opportunity to also visit a German home, Jugendwohnhaus, for young people of 14 – 18 years.

The Danish group found the visit very inspiring. It was interesting to see how each social pedagogue works systematically but also very individually with each young person – who is often in a difficult situation both personally and socially. Jugendwohnhaus is a relatively small place and the whole staff are educated social pedagogues which ads a strong, common professional approach and spirit and understanding of how to work with the young people.

Thanks to the staff at Jugendwohnhaus, especially to Tony Leidenberger, for receiving the Danish guests. Maybe this has inspired the Germans to pay their Danish colleagues a visit. Also thanks to German AIEJI board member, Heike Beerman, for providing relevant contacts in Germany.

Visit Jugendwohnhaus her.

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5 Responses to “Study visit in Berlin”

  • Niels Jørgensen:

    Like to read this. From time to time I recieve News from Aieji, and then I take a long look at the webbsite. Exciting for an old social educator.

    Niels Jørgensen

  • Karen Scott:

    Very interesting news. As you may know, we in FICE International had our biannual conference in Berlin some years ago (in 2010 it was Cape Town)… we also visited several German places for children and young people and find that we have a lot to share.
    It is also very helpful with links etc. should one find it interesting to read more about the plkace. Thanks fa lot or that.

  • Dear AIEJI and the Organizers of the Study visit in Berlin,
    I am also a Social Worker, Educator and Counselor here in the Philippines and I am working with the children and youth. I am very interested to join this study visit because I believe this will contribute to my work with the young people as victims of abuse, as offenders, as person with disability and as any other needy young individual. However, lack of finances constraints me to join this activity. Can you help me make this study visit a reality? Can somebody or an organization sponsor my round trip from the Philippines to Berlin and my accommodation in Berlin? Please….??? Many thanks…. Danielle

    • Dea Engberg:

      Dear Danielle,

      the study visit already took place in May and was arranged for persons working at the National Federation of Social Educators in Denmark. However, you might want to consider coming to AIEJI’s World Congress in 2013 which will take place in Luxembourg.


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