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News from Fair Start

Here are some news from our friends at Fair Start:




In the free online education program for social pedagogues , we continue to create more language versions. I have also designed resource sessions for educating children in exercising their rights, in how to inform children and youth about sexuality and prevention, etc.


You can use these staff education “sessions”. The session concerning educating children in their rights can be found if you click “resources” at


This is our second version of the social pedagogue training program. When tested, it will also be in Russian, Bulgarian, Polish, Latvian and Danish language versions. For more info, go to


PS: For colleagues in Brazil, we have translated the texts of into Brazilian Portuguese, and the book about helping children with attachment problems is here in Portuguese:


Best from Fair Start educations and Niels Peter Rygaard, Denmark

News from the Fair Start Project


The free online education in quality care for children without parents in orphanages and foster families – – has now led to a second EU project, where the education is tested and applied also in Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Latvia and Denmark.

The success of the first project, 2008-10 started 2012-14,  where the partner countries mentioned are testing and educating their staffs in the program’s quality care practices. The non-profit education program for staff groups and leaders in new langiugages will be available online in these languages also during 2013.

The partner organizations of the second project in those countries can be found at .

The program includes two new versions, where one is for institutional workplaces (orphanages,  residential care, kindergartens, etc.) and the other is for foster family managers and their foster families.

Furthermore, the program is spreading in 3rd world countries (please see In India, the Fair Start program will now be applied in establishing a foster family care system in a Hindi version in Rajastan, a very poor region, by the government. In Indonesia the program in Bahasa is now standard education for all orphanages.

One outcome of this work is that the global network of child care researchers are contributing to a special issue of Infant Mental Health Journal. This issue is dedicated to the challenge of how child care research can influence political decisions about child care systems and education of educators/ intervention programs. High quality contributions from 20 countries promise an exciting issue.

For further info about program use, research, participation etc. please contact Fair Start expert and child psychologist Niels Peter Rygaard at , or via


AIEJI’s 19th World Congress

Aieji 19th World Congress

XIX Congresso

In the President's Report 2017 you can read about AIEJI's work and projects from 2013-2017. You can also read about the coming work programme for the next four years.

Download the report here.

AIEJI’s 18th World Congress

In the President's Report 2013 you can read about the activities of AIEJI in the last congress period as well as the ideas for the coming work programme in 2013 - 2017.

Download the report here.