Thank you Luxembourg! Next stop Brasil

Monday morning in the office and last week’s great event, AIEJI’s 18th World Congress in Luxembourg, is still part of my body, still in my heart.


From the opening ceremony with the dance act of the young people and the singing children, to the fantastic theatre play of the closing ceremony. From the young volunteers in the cantina handing over hundreds of coffees every day, to the core of the organizing team of APEG who for many months have worked hard to make this happen. You all did such an amazing job and there are not enough words in the world to thank you for what you did.


Everybody I spoke to – our colleagues from Uruguay, the Italian delegation, people from the Nordic countries, the Brazilians, the young people from Switzerland and many more – was so happy to be part of this great event. There were many interesting workshops (once you found the one you had chosen J) and educational field visits, experiences that make people reflect and which they can bring home to their colleagues and managers.


Once again, AIEJI’s 18th World Congress showed why AIEJI is here and why it is so important to have these opportunities to meet colleagues from other countries. It gives you a broader perspective to know that you are part of a profession which also exists in other countries and it widens your horizon to learn that things can be done differently from how you do it at home. And hopefully some of you will experience how a personal friendship with a colleague from another country will inspire you to try new methods in your daily work.


Our colleagues in Luxembourg set out to make this happen and to give us all an experience for life – and they succeeded very well. It is a great accomplishment to form an idea in your head and make it come alive. Thank you for this.


The next time AIEJI is lucky it will be in Brasil. AIEJI has a strong platform in Latin America and a congress in Brasil will be a great opportunity to reach more people and strengthen the relations with national and regional organisations while also telling local authorities and others, who may not be familiar with the social educational profession, what we are all about. Go Brasil!

Luxembourg 2013


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