The classification of social educators

EU is working on a new directive regarding the classification of registered professions – which hopefully will also include social educators/social pedagogues. The European Bureau is following the development closely.

Below is an example from our Italian colleagues in ANEP of how the classification of social educators needs clarification and common ground.

Read more here.

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6 Responses to “The classification of social educators”

  • Hi, here’s Patrice Mariani, from ONES, France.
    By the way, we think it’s very important to clarify classification of “éducateurs spécialisés(french acception)/social educators in Europe, for a common ground , in particular concerning “professionnal secret” rules and framework.
    In this case, only educators working with maltreated children are concerned by this specific law in France.
    except this particular case it could be a problem for users to trust in educators because law not recognized them as necessary confidents.
    (sorry for my English !)


  • Hi everybody,
    My name is Lara I´m Social Educator and i took my course in Portugal. Last year I decided to apply to some vacancies in UK but most of them we need to be registed in GSCC (and is true the salarys is much better). I sent my application to GSCC and they didn´t accept me, on of the reasons was (…The academic content of the curriculum, whist having some related modules in terms of psycology, sociology and human development, does not incorporate the core modules of social work theory, methodos, law and ethics…) I agree I´m not a Social worker but is true that a Social Pedagogue it isn´t a Social Work too, but a Social Pedagogue in UK can register in GSCC and a Social Educator can not, so my question is what is a difference between a Social Pedagogue and a Social Educator, we are not talking the same professional?
    Why a Social Pedagogue can be classified like a qualified and a Social Educator not?
    If I can´t registered in GSCC for be a qualified worker what can I do?

    Thank you for your time,

    Warm Regards,

  • Dea:

    Dear Lara

    I can understand that it is very frustrating that you cannot, as a social educator, be accepted as a qualified worker, while a social pedagogue can. And I do not know the exact reason why you cannot be accepted.

    Social educators and social pedagogues are merely different terms of the same profession. I believe that the reason you cannot be accepted in the UK to work as a social pedagogue does not have to do with the fact that you use a different term, social educator, but rather because the UK requires that there are certain theories, subjects and courses that are part of your education before they will accept you.

    Since know neither what their requirements are nor the contents of your education I cannot give you a more precise answer – i.e. exactly what theories etc. are lacking. But perhaps someone from the UK can give a more thorough answer.


  • julia:

    Hiya, my name is Julia and im from UK, we do not have social pedagogy as a career but i would really like to study it! I have my degree already but i wouldnt mind taking another degree or training. I studied an international module in Social pedagogy in denmark, now i am thinking about doing the full training of pedagogue in denmark or germany or of educateur in spain, belgium or france. Does anybody have an opinion on which training is the best and most useful? thankyou so much any info or opinions really welcome

    julia x

  • Ana:

    Hi! My name is Ana from Portugal and I´m in the same situation that Lara. I’m a social educator, and i was thinking to work in UK as a social worker. Sincerelly, I don’t understand why they don’t accpet us as well. In HCPC says that “the social work profession promotes social change, problem solving in human relationships and the empowerment and liberation of people to enhance well-being.”
    So, now I ask doesn’t the social educators the same definition? There’s any possibilty to resolve this situation?

    Warm Regards,

    Ana Isabel

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