European Symposium of Professional Associations of Social Educators

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The European Office of the International Association of Social Educators  (OE-AIEJI) at the moment represented by the Council of Social Educators’ Collegues of Spain, concerned with the dynamics of the E.U regarding the recognition of Professional Qualifications  is calling and organising  the European Symposium of Professional Associations of Social Educators.


 5th and  6th April 2014.


 The city of Zaragoza. Centro de Historias (C/ San Agustin, 2)

 There will be simultaneous translation Languages of the Symposiumon Spanish- English-Spanish


We expect two representatives from each professional association in Europe will attend this meeting. Participation in the Symposium is by invitation only. The European Bureau of AIEJI aims to have different elements from all European countries so that the agreements and arguments can have the greatest possible representation and involvement.

We refer to professional associations as those organisations that represent the collective of Social Educators in their countries. Those that have stated by their by-laws  to work towards the promotion and organisation of the profession in their respective countries, with the purpose of improving the quality of service provision to people with whom educators work.

It is preferable that professional association participates in research about common training principles by filling a excel sheet with universities or centres and scientific areas.

So far we present the relation of Professional Associations of Social Educators we know and have invited, we will be very glad to know of any other existing  entities:

Association Professionelle des Educateurs Spécialisé(e)s (APDES) BELGIUM
Organisation Nacional des educateurs specialises (ONES) FRANCE
Udruga Socijalnih Pedagoga, HUSP CROATIA
Social Paedagogernes Landsforbund, SL DENMARK
Foroya Pedagogfelag – Trade Union FAROE  ISLANDSISLANDS
Talentia-Union of Professional Social Workers in Finland FINLAND
Deustcher Berufsverband für Socialarbeit Sozialpädagogik und Heilpëdagogik DBSH GERMANY
Sociálně pedagogické poradenství a služby CZEC REP.
Asociation of Social Workers CYPRUS
Throskathjalfafelag Islands ICELAND
Assoziazione Nazionale e d’Educatori Professionalli (ANEP) ITALY
Latvijas Sociato pedagogu feracija LATVIA
Association of Social Pedagogues of Lithuania LITHUANIA
Assotiaton Professionelle des Educateurs Gradués (APEG) LUXEMBOURG
Union of Social Educators and Social Workers (FO) NORWAY
Pestalozzi Foundation ROMANIA
Association of Social Pedagogues and Social Workers of the Russian Federation RUSSIA
Association of Social Work Education SLOVAKIA
Slovenian Association of Social Pedagogues (ZZSP) SLOVENIA
Consejo General de Colegios de Educadoras y Educadores Sociales (CGCEES) SPAIN
Yrkesforeningen Sveriges Socialarbetera (YSS) SWEDEN


 The invited associations should contact the secretariat of the Symposium in order to  give the names and position of their representatives. In economical terms associations will be only required to pay for their trip to Zaragoza, lunch and dinner. The European Office of AIEJI will  pay for the organisation of the event and the accommodation of the participants (one doble room+breakfast)

You can contact us at:


Paseo Fernando el Católico, 6 – Bajo Dcha. 50006 ZARAGOZA

Telf 00-34-690.055.690

 Fax 00-34-976 07.69.56







Erasmus+ 2014 and HETI world congress Taiwan 2015

Here are two announcements from Dr. Lorenzo Lucarelli from Spain:

Erasmus+ 2014

Dear colleagues,

As president of the Spanish Association for the equine mediated education and activities, I have the honor to present you the new project Erasmus+ in which our organization is involved.

It is a call for papers addressed to all those organizations who work or wish to work with the animal mediation (specially horses mediation) in social education activities.

The coordinator of the project will be HRDF, the Hungarian federation of Riding for the disable, linked with the International Children Safety Service, ICSS. Other participants are France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, and possibly also Slovakia.

The goal of the project is to set up a students exchange network across Europe and worldwide, in the field of the animal mediated education and therapies, since we know that practicing with animals is very good for social education students for it enable them to communicate non verbally without any kind of violence. This skill is very important in Social education as well as in other fields.

We are looking not only for full partners participating in the project but also for silent partners who would be beneficiaries of the project and help us in the dissemination of results.

If you wish to receive more information about the project you may write an email to me at or at or you can write to the president of HRDF, Peter Edvi, at or at

Thank you very much for your kind attention, replies and comments

Best regards

Dr. Lorenzo Lucarelli – AEDEQ – HETI – FITRAM – AIEJI


HETI world congress Taiwan 2015 

Dear colleagues,

as member of the International Executive Committee of HETI, the International Federation of the Horse in Education and Therapy, I will participate next year 2015 in the HETI world congress in Taiwan.

 It is an honor for me to invite at the congress call for papers any organization or any educator who wish to present a speech or a poster or organize a workshop about animal mediation activities. You can find more information about this congress at the following link:

 Best regards

Dr. Lorenzo Lucarelli – AEDEQ – HETI – FITRAM – AIEJI

Looking for internship

Ivana Rukavina who’s a student in Croatia has this request:

I am a MA student at the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences in Zagreb(Croatia) looking for an internship opportunity related to my field of study which is Social Pedagogy.

Preferred placements would definitely be traineeships focusing on psychiatry and criminology because of my previous experience and my interest. However, all other suggestions and opportunities are very welcome !

Please do not hesitate to contact me for personal information.

 Kind regards,

Ivana Rukavina

International conference in Russia

Dear colleague

November 11-13, 2014 Russian Academy of Education and Institute of Social Pedagogic will held in Moscow an international conference “Socio-Pedagogical Professional Education in the Global World: Contemporary Priorities “.

The main aims of this conference is to open a dialogue on problems of fundamental and applied science in the field of social-pedagogical education, to share and integrate the best practices of your country with international experience and to establish long-term partnership between  scientists and academics of different countries. 

The deadline for abstracts is March  31, 2014. The cost of publishing your abstract in an abstract book is $100. For all details of your visa, accommodation you can contact a chairman of the organizing committee  Ruslan Rakhmatullin. His e-mail:

Conference site:

Phone: + 7 (495) 683-83-07

Postal address: 129626, Russia, Moscow, Pavel Korchagin St., 7A.


Work in Ireland?

This is a request from Henriette Lauritzen from Denmark. She is educated as a social educator in 2002. Since she has been working in the field of psychiatri. She’s very interested in working in the same field in Ireland. Please write her if you can help her with a contact or maybe knowledge about psychiatri in Ireland. Her e-mail is Thanks a lot.



Igor Lipsky is dead

We are very sorry to inform you that Igor Lipsky passed away just before Christmas. He was buried from a military hospital in Moscow the 23rd of December 2013.

Igor Lipsky, Professor and Doctor in Social Pedagogy , had a special career. He was a scientist (with a military background as a colonel) and an excellent author of many important and well used books in Russia about the social pedagogical profession.

He was representing The Russian Union of Social Workers and Social Pedagogues in the Board of AIEJI from 2009 to 2013. We are very sorry to have lost an important colleague.

A presentation of Igor Lipsky’s impressive career, and farewell words, are written in Russian by Tatjana Sapozhnikova, Director of staff training Institute, Moscow: памяти Липского И А

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year


Dear all


Soon it is Christmas and shortly after we can write 2014.


I hope 2013 was a good year for social educators all over the world. A milestone for me was the AIEJI World Congress in Luxembourg in April with participation of around 500 social educators from 36 countries. It is very special to be gathered in and around a profession that has so much to offer.


The congress also included the AIEJI General Assembly where important principles for a new organizational structure were decided in order to strengthen the work of AIEJI. The board has been working on this since, and there has been a meeting in June and one in November – both in Spain.


Soon members of AIEJI will see this work and receive a proposal to new by-laws with the opportunity to comment, and the 5th of April there will be an extra ordinary General Assembly in Spain. More information will follow.


Also the project work about unaccompanied refugee children has taken form. The focus is the crucial social educational work with these minors who are far away from their families and who know nothing about their future.


Questionnaires, of mainly quantitative character, have been collected from members of AIEJI to get information about conditions in different countries. Thank you so much to you who contributed.


The work is going to be followed up by qualitative interviews of social educators working with the children, analysis of material and surveys on the issue, and a final report. Seminars will be planned in autumn 2014: One in The Middle East, one in Europe and one in South America.


I want to thank all for the work you have done in our professional field the last year. The economic crisis has been challenging us  -  fewer jobs, change in working conditions, and more people who need our support. It is a rough time to be a social educator in. But we know we can do a difference. And we do it – even though conditions out of our reach are present. Thank you for that, again.


I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. May 2014 bring all the best!


Benny Andersen

(President of AIEJI)

Equine mediated education

Lorenzo Lucarelli, living in Spain, has asked me to post this interesting letter:


Dear friends and colleagues of social pedagogy,


Equine mediated education and therapy are a set of activities aimed to give to the users some living experiences with horses (and/or other animals too) in the natural environment.


Equine mediated educators and therapists act together with their equine partners in order to improve certain aspects of life of people who may suffer either from a disability and/or from social exclusion.


With physically disable people the horse help extending the range of mobility of the pelvis, the spine, and the legs and arms. Improve breathing and all metabolic processes through walking exercises, improve communication and social skills, balance and strength. With psychically disable people the relation with horses helps in building, maintaining and/or recovering personal and social skills.


But where the equine mediated activities show their true potential is in social education and in social work. Equine mediated activities have proven to be highly effective in drug addictions rehabilitation, in helping the immigrants to get integrated in their new host societies, in giving a break, a breath to the people who is stressed by the city fast lifestyle, and in many other ways that it would be too hard to explain… in fact we are talking about experiences… about real living experiences with animals, trying to get along and to make them do what we would like them to do, but without using any kind of violence or constriction on them.


Since equine mediated education and therapies are so good for the mankind and for a peaceful relation of our society with nature, it is important that all the educators get aware of the fact that it is a need to protect the animals’ rights and to integrate them in our ordinary life.


We stride for a better future together with our friends the animals… would you help us?


Thank you very much.


In order to receive more details about our projects please don’t hesitate to write to or else to


more information about equine mediated education and therapies in the following webs:

Why the second of October?

Dear all

In October we celebrated Social Educators Day all over the world. I’ve been asked why the second of October is our international day. The answer is that this day was free – in the meaning that a lot of days already were occupied in the international calendar. But in some countries the second of October has a special  meaning connected to national history, I’ve been told.

As mentioned in the last Newsletter workplaces in different parts of Denmark were open to the public the second of October – to talk about the work of social educators and about vulnerable groups and their needs. Local politicians were invited – because in November we’ll have Local Election and we ask the politicians  to focus on the working field of social educators. If you have tellings about activities in other places of the world please feel free to write.

Best wishes




Happy Social Educators Day on Wednesday!

Dear everybody

Our international social educators day is October the second. Please sent a greeting to persons in your network to remind them, and our self, about the crucial job social educators are doing all around the world. You can sent greetings through this link .


I wish all of you a happy Social Educators Day!


Best wishes

Benny Andersen (President of AIEJI)

AIEJI’s 18th World Congress

The president’s Report 2013

In the President's Report 2013 you can read about the activities of AIEJI in the last congress period as well as the ideas for the coming work programme in 2013 - 2017.

Download the report here.