Newsletter summer 2016

Dear all of you

It is time for a status on the AIEJI activities. Quite a lot has happened since last Newsletter. You can get an impression of that by reading this:

The AIEJI world congress in Brazil

Our world congress will be at the university in Campinas (close to Sao Paulo) from the 10th to the 12th of April 2017. We are looking very much forward to this big happening and our Brazilian member organization AEESSP, who will host the congress, works at high pressure to organize the event. Very soon the website will be announced for detailed information about the world congress.

AIEJI board meeting in Seville in connection to the CGCEES national congress, April 2016

The board meeting was held in Seville in April when and where the Spanish organization for social educators CGCEES had their national congress. This gave us the possibility to join parts of a very interesting congress with a focus on “social education and citizenship”. AIEJI contributed with a workshop discussing possibilities and challenges in the work with AIEJI activities. I gave the speech that closed congress. The farewell greeting was, not surprisingly, to give an ovation to THE FINEST JOB IN THE WORLD!

New General Secretary in AIEJI

At the AIEJI board meeting a new general secretary for AIEJI was appointed. I’m very glad to announce that Irmelin Sangolt Tjelflaat from our Norwegian member organization FO now is the General Secretary in AIEJI. I appreciate this indeed and I’m looking forward to a co-operation that has started on very well.

The refugee minor project

In January the AIEJI project was presented as an intervention in The European INGO session in the European Council. The social educational work with the unaccompanied minors was highlighted and there was a great interest in the project. After the presentation the report was given to the European Council who contacted AIEJI to ask for participation in the program “Migrants asylum seekers and refugees – in the context of major risks prevention and management”. A book on this issue is about to published and AIEJI will contribute with an article about our report. The book will be represented at a conference in Lisboa October 2016.

The mental health project

A draft version of the report is now a reality. This will in its final version include results from a mental health seminar in Brazil November 2016 and maybe also a seminar in Italy spring 2017. The seminar in Brazil will be in days connected to the next board AIEJI board meeting where preparation of the world Congress will be the main issue on the agenda. The final publication will be represented at the World Congress in Brazil April 2017.


Celebration of our international day the second of October

Yesterday we sent out a letter to AIEJI members about the upcoming celebration day – as an “early warning” of what is going to happen. Last year we celebrated the FINEST JOB IN THE WORLD by producing and spreading a very nice short film with contributions from AIEJI members around the world. I reckon that this really was a success and we would like to continue in the same track in 2016 – which means celebrating THE FINEST JOB IN THE WORLD by a short film again and with contributions from you.

This time the headline will still be THE FINEST JOB IN THE WORLD and by emphasizing that we work as agents for welfare for many target groups – and this years’ celebration will especially point out the social educational work with refugee minor asylum seekers which is in focus this congress period of AIEJI and has been the subject for an AIEJI publication.

As written in the letter more information/instructions will follow in August.

In this part of the world the summer has arrived and soon the holiday sets in. I’m looking forward to autumn 2016 with AIEJI: The seminar about social educational work within Mental Health in Brazil, our board meeting in Sao Paulo and of course the preparation concerning the AIEJI world congress in Campinas (Brazil) 10th – 12th April 2017 – where I hope to meet as many of you as possible!

All the best,

Benny Andersen (President of AIEJI).




Dear reader

I am a student at the Artesis Plantijn College in Antwerp (Belgium).

I’ll be graduated in June as bachelor in orthopedagogics option Comunnity Care.

I would like to do a foreign internship if there is a possibility. I want to expand my knowledge and gain experience, and at the same time I can enrich my cultural knowledge.

I would be happy to hear from you if there is an option to run an English or French language internship, in a institution with the target groups are, children and young people with developmental disabilities or with a light mental handicap and additional issues such as attachment disorder, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, etc. This can also be in a school or other facilities.

Hopefully there are options.

Thank you for your comment!

With kind regards,

Adolicia Namuisi



AIEJI WORLD CONGRESS BRAZIL 10th – 12th April 2017

We are very happy to announce that the AIEJI World Congress will take place in spring 2017 – as written in the headline from 10th to 12th April. The host of the world congress is  AEESSP (Associacao dos Educadores e Educadoras Sociais do Estado de Sao Paulo) and the World Congress will take place at the University of Campinas in the constituent state Sao Paulo.

More information about the World Congress will soon follow on the AIEJI website and on Facebook.



Contacts in Colombia

My name is Candelaria Lucero and I am an Uruguayan Social Educator who is currently looking for new opportunities in Colombia. I hope you can help me find interesting options (or interesting contacts!) in adoption/foster care, non-formal education trainings or social development. Why help me? I feel myself well prepared and eager to continue learning!

Friends and acquaintances would describe myself as a young professional with lots of experience, with initiative and versatile. Social Educator by Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, I’m specialized in conflict resolution and social development. With experience in non-formal education, social innovation and project management. With skills for training, communication and team building, specially in multicultural environments. 

 I am ready to work hard and learn a lot. I can share my CV with whomever is interested to explore it further or share it with their contacts. Feel free to e-mail me:


Looking for a job

My name is Heidi I’m 25 years old and I’m from Denmark here I have just finished my study in pedagogic/Social Education where I’ve been focusing on children with special needs and socially disadvantages children in orphanages. I’m seeking a job abroad long or short term, to learn more and give me better professional qualifications and competency.

I’m a positive and outgoing girl who loves to explore. Therefore I have been on some long term and short term travels. I love to learn more about and meet new people, new nationalities and cultures. It has taught me that working with people are something I really have a passion for.

I have worked and been doing volunteer work in: Cambodia (6 months), Jamaica (2 months), Tanzania (3 months).  Furthermore I have worked in Denmark as a handicap helper (5 years) and in homes for children and young kids between 0-18 years with different disabilities and severe multiple handicaps to relieve their parents. (3 months – 1 year)

My greatest personal strengths are that I am outgoing, positive, smiling, cooperative, creative,  responsible and very open to new challenges. I am committed to my work and take my job very seriously. And the most important thing for me is to try to make a difference, small or big.

Please feel free to contact me for more information. Best regards

Heidi Gervin Lund-Pedersen

Request about autism training

I am a South African professional educator teaching children with autism. I want to study further about autism, as it’s growing at an alarming rate. Will  you help me with contacts of countries who have autism training centers that can help me realize my dream.

Regards Khosi Netnou

FESET Seminar in France


Dear Madam, Dear Sir,


It is our pleasure to announce the opening of the call for papers of FESET Seminar in 2016 that will be held in ESTES Strasbourg, France from April 27th to 29th, 2016.


The conference theme is : « INVISIBLE PERSONS : Making Humans, Communities and Social Professionals more visible ». The deadline is December 15th, 2015.


You will find attached the call for papers and the flyer. Please feel free to forward this message and documents to your colleagues who might be interested in submitting a presentation.


For your submission please click on


More updated information and programme on the website

We thank you and look forward to meeting you in Strasbourg.


Organising Committee

FESET 2016




As of 2016, is now a state registered NGO foundation in Denmark.


Our mission is to provide research based, free online training and instructors educations. We work in joint funding partnerships with local NGOs, professional organisations and government in any country. Programmes target caregivers and leaders in foster and residential care, fugitive camps, and other units in charge of children and youth without parental care. We aim to set research based standards for quality care and support local professional care developments.


Our research based group trainings and instructor education are used all over the world in so far 16 languages on all continents, and implemented in two year cooperation projects. Program use only requires an instructor, a group of caregivers, a projector and internet for 15 two hour sessions.


If your organisation needs a well tested concept for training caregivers in attachment based group care, please read this paper and folder, and contact us at .


Best wishes from the team at FairstartGlobal Foundation.




Looking for job abroad

Dear reader

My name is Maria Post, I’m 44 years old and born and raised in Denmark. I have a 23 yeared old son which I intend to keep a good eye out for whenever I can. I have been working as a social educator for the past 15 years after my social educator degree. But lately thoughts like “should I try work abroad” have crossed me. I really don’t prefer a country more than other country, but UK have always been closely related to me. My working interest is mainly with young kids aged from 6-16, as my own experience both has been with kids from an orphanage and with pshycological disabled children. I put interest in talking and communicating in a traditional Danish way, which is a free open minded attitude towards difficulty with kids. I started a youth club, mainly kids with non-Danish roots. Kids that might had hard time socialising in traditional ways, here we could put all kids together despite color and religion. Had success with the youth club, but time and money were a factor that had me to shut the club in 2011.

My sons father is British and I’ve been with him for around 4-5 years so roughly I learned to adapt to some foreign cultures. So being set into new envoirments doesn’t affect me, as I’m good to adapt wherever I am.

I love travelling and when I travel, me and my son if he’s present with me, we intend to stay at international hostels so we can communicate with people from the whole world. When I work, I see myself as a hard working and dedicated employee. Which often comes out to give good relations between my colleagues and I. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if questions are needed.


Best Regards,

Maria Post


News from Fairstart


The research based online caregiver educations in professional foster and institutional care can now be accessed in 16 language versions.

The new online instructor’s education in the use of the free training programs at our site will be ready in February. It is on level four in the European Educational Standards.

A paper about Fairstart from the American Psychologist Association is available here:

We thank all professional organisations, NGOs, social educators, translators and researchers who contributed to free professional care education in 2015

AIEJI’s 18th World Congress

The president’s Report 2013

In the President's Report 2013 you can read about the activities of AIEJI in the last congress period as well as the ideas for the coming work programme in 2013 - 2017.

Download the report here.