Sexuality and disability


My name is Kim Steimle. I work as a social educator and I have an education as a sexuality advisor. I work together with Asgerbo Persson who is educated in health and communication and as a sexologist. Everybody has a sexuality, also people with disabilities. For several years, we have been helping people with disabilities live a fulfilling life, which also includes sexuality. In Denmark we have a solid legal foundation that is very clear on where the boundaries are and what we can and can’t do as professionals, regarding disability and sexuality. However, even in Denmark we often experience this topic to be very difficult to handle among social educators. We are very curious to know how this topic is dealt with in the rest of the world.

Do you have a legal foundation regarding the work with disability and sexuality in your country?

How do you respond if one of your clients asks you about sex or shows clear sexual frustrations?

How do you handle sexual abuse committed against or by one of your clients?

Please contact us by e-mail if you would like to share some of your challenges and frustrations or tell us about how you handle this difficult topic. We hope that we can exchange useful ideas.

Kind regards

Kim Steimle (

Work in Australia or Asia


My name is Cecilie, I’m 29 years old and I’m from Denmark. I’m looking for a job in Australia or in Asia. I graduated as a social educator in January 2014 and I am specialised in people with social problems. I worked in Vietnam for 6 months in a kindergarten. I taught English and worked with the children’s social skills.  My last stay abroad was in Thailand, I worked as a volunteer at a center for prostitutes in Patong/Phuket. I love doing social educational work, and I’ve worked in a lot of different areas. E.g. with  marginalised children and young people, young refugees,  children/young people without friends and as a counsellor for children in need. I am very passionated about my job,  and I love working with people from different cultures. I hope you will contact me  if you have a interesting job for me in Australia or Asia. I can work with children/young people and adults.  
Hope to hear from you.  Best regards Cecilie Lindencrone (


Work in Brazil or Portugal


My name is Marsha Thomsen, I am a woman, 31 years old, and I am from Denmark. I am an educated pedagogue gratuated in 2008 in social studies, and I am very interested working in Brazil or Portugal. I speak Portuguese. All together I have  2 years of experience in Brazil in the field of social educational work  where I among other things have worked with different things such as working in a kindergarten in the slum district of children in risk, and also work in a project called “The Helping Hands”  – an activity place for children in need. Last but not least I have been voluntering for 6 months in a orhanage childrens home. Besides the 2 years I have also done a 6 months internship in Brazil where I worked with slum favelars families and children in need, during my time of university. I like working with diffrerent children, people. It does not matter what area or age, I am very flexible, so please write to me anytime about what my options are, I would be very grateful.

Thank you and best regards, Marsha (

Looking for a job abroad

My name is Pernille. I am 24 years old, and from Denmark. i wish to work as a social educator in Brazil or Argentina.  My area of experince is within young or adult people with different difficulties in life. both physically and mentally.

I worked in China for 6 months, in a school, teaching English. For 2 vinters and 1 summer, i worked in Norway, at a center for people with disability and immigrant families from differentes countries.

I have done a lot of different social educational work in Denmark, with people hwo need help personal care and more.

I just got home from Central Amerika, where I worked as a voulenteer at a woman center for woman and children.

I love working with different people and in different cultures. And i am very intrested in Brazil maybe Argentina, or where ever in the world there would be a appropriate job.

– Pernille Kristensen

Newsletter December 2014

Dear all

Christmas and New Year are close and I write to you to wish you a merry and a happy one. I hope the last year has been a good one for you in your professional fields – knowing that all of us are challenged doing the difference that we really want to do. Crisis, politics and economy often narrow the scope of our profession and we’re forced to think different and try and find new solutions for our way of working. This is the schism we face in our daily working life – in some countries more than others. And we have to deal with it in a professional way being aware that we need to do the best with the resources we’ve got and at the same time use our voices to formulate rights of people in vulnerable situations – and obligations concerning these rights.

As most of you probably know unaccompanied refugee minors have been in focus in AIEJI’s work in 2014. I wrote about this more detailed in the latest Newsletter after participation (late September this year) in the AIEJI seminar in Rome about the issue. Now we’re in a process where all the empirical material is being analyzed and put into form. The result will be a written report to spread knowledge to all our members and interested parties – hoping very much that the social educators work with this target group will be emphasized and acknowledged as a very important and challenging work area – for the good of the children and young people being in so insecure life situations.

At the latest AIEJI board meeting (in Milan ultimo November) a Brazilian seminar June 2015 about social educators work with the minors also was at the agenda. A presentation of the report will be one of the activities at the seminar, and also the report will be represented at a Nordic conference in Finland the same month.

The coming board meeting will be in May 2015 in Spain or Portugal. Here the next AIEJI project will be kick started – the project about mentally disabled persons and the social educational work with them. In spring 2015 an overview of the main challenges in different countries will be made to strengthen the board decision of what approach to choose for the project.

But now it’s December and many of us can look forward to celebrate Christmas and New Year. I wish you all the best for the next year. Personally I’m looking forward to co-operate and be in lead of the AIEJI activities in 2015.

A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you!


Benny Andersen.


Condolences Néckel Schmitz


On the name of Arab Social Educators, Colleges  we send our condolences from our heart to all Social Educators  and his family .

 Walid AL-Salhi

Work abroad

Hi. My name is Sara and I’m 23 years old. I would like to work abroad (or in Spain) as a social educator. I’m particularly interested in working with children because I have some experience with them, but I’m happy to work with adult people as well. Could you help me to find some contacts? Please write to


Best wishes

Sara Robles

Néckel Schmitz

Dear all

Last week our colleague and board member in our association APEG in Luxembourg, Néckel Schmitz, died after his long disease. Néckel was one of the reasons for the very succesfull Aieji World congress 2013 in Luxembourg. It is a big loss for us and the entire social pedagogical scene in Luxembourg. Thank you Néckel for the nice moments, for your professional engagement and RIP. You will survive in our hearts.

Benny Andersen

President Aieji

Seminars in Portugal December 2014, and 2015

Cindy Vaz from Portugal about  interesting seminars in Porto:

The Social Pedagogy is a privileged area of the educational sciences in the academic context of the Faculty of Education and Psychology Catholic University of Portugal – Porto. This area integrates annually on its training program one thematic seminar series, designed on a partnership between multiple institutions and in alignment with the research activities of the Center for Human Development (ECHR). This Seminar Cycle aims to highlight the social and educational knowledge that has been built within the Faculty of Education and Psychology of the Catholic Porto, in close cooperation with community institutions and a significant number of reference research networks, both national and international.

Eflyer - 4º Ciclo de Seminários Temáticos em Pedagogia Social

Work in Great Britain

I am a 32 years old woman from Denmark, interested in working abroad. I hope to hear about my options in working as a pedagogue in Great Britain. I am particular interested in working with autism or add. Do you have any contacts, or know of any places that might be interesting for me?

Best wishes

Jannie Henriksen

AIEJI’s 18th World Congress

The president’s Report 2013

In the President's Report 2013 you can read about the activities of AIEJI in the last congress period as well as the ideas for the coming work programme in 2013 - 2017.

Download the report here.