The purpose of AIEJI is to emphasize and promote the philosophy of social education and its uniqueness in being actively involved in partnership with clients, working with them, not only individually but in groups, families, communities and the social environments towards the development of their strengths and in resolving personal, social, and community difficulties.

The purposes are to:

  1. Unite social educators from all countries and promote quality practice that seeks to ensure the best for people served by the profession.
  2. Encourage the richness of diversity by promoting the working together of people of different backgrounds and cultures through the international membership of AIEJI.
  3. Contribute to the development of professional education and training to increase the competence of all social educators.
  4. Promote the organization of the social education profession and encourage networking among AIEJI members to increase international collaboration.
  5. Emphasize professional practice and educational methods based on the United Nation’s declarations of human and children’s rights.

The purposes are reached by:

  1. Encouraging the creation of social educator associations in countries in which there are no such organizations.
  2. Organizing international congresses, colloquia, seminars of a general, inter-regional or regional nature.
  3. Promoting international exchange of persons, ideas and contribute to the study of protection of persons nationally and internationally and to facilitate contacts for its members with educational experiences carried out around the world.
  4. Promoting the development and utilization of knowledge through research, publication, exchange of documentation concerning social education, human welfare, and collaboration on practical and scientific publication in the field.
  5. By working together with the United Nations and its specialized institutions as well as with other international or national organizations, whether inter-governmental, governmental or not.
  6. Any other means appropriate to the purposes and goals of this international association.