World Congress

World Congress 2025, Copenhagen - Denmark

The 21st World Congress will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark 19.-22. of May 2025.

The theme of the congress is: "Social Educators change lives"  

World Congress September 2022, Lausanne - Switzerland

The 20th AIEJI World Congress took place on 6.-9. September 2022 hosted in Lausanne in Switzerland. The congress was postponed one year due to covid-19.
The congress was hosted by ACAL (Association Congrès AIEJI Lauanne) (an association bringing together various Foundations and structures active in educational action in the canton of Vaud. This association was created with the aim of organising the XXth AIEJI Congress in 2021). 

The theme of the congress was: "Temporality in educational action"

Read more about the 20th Congress

World Congress 10-12 April 2017, Brazil

The 19th AIEJI World Congress took place on 10.-12. April 2017. The congress was hosted by AEESSP (Associacao dos Educadores e Educadoras Sociais do Estado de Sao Paulo) and took place at the University of Campinas in the constituent state Sao Paulo.

The theme of the congress was: “I am, because we are”

You can download the two reports presented at the congress here:

World Congress 2 – 5 April 2013, Luxembourg

On 2 – 5 April 2013 AIEJI’s 18th World Congress took place in Luxembourg and was hosted by APEG – Association professionelle des éducateurs gradués, the national association of social educators in Luxembourg.

The theme of the congress was: “Integration and Social Inclusion”

Visit APEG’s website.

World Congress 2009, Denmark

AIEJI’s 17th World Congress in May 2009, Copenhagen, was a great success with social educators from all over the world meeting and exchanging experiences, making friendships and professional bonds.

See the aeiji2009 website.