Madrid Declaration about unaccompanied minors

Madrid Declaration, November 20th 2015

AIEJI – the international association of social educators

November the 20th 2015, on the 26th anniversary of The UN convention on the rights of the child, AIEJI calls on governments and decision makers to be aware of § 22 stating that a child who is seeking refugee status or who is considered a refugee shall receive appropriate protection and humanitarian assistance. The states shall in cooperation with international organizations assist an unaccompanied child in being reunited with his or her parents. Social educators working with these children and young people should be given the possibility to implement in their daily practice the competences expressed in the AIEJI publication “Social educational work with refugee minor asylum seekers” ( Social educators working with groups of children and young people who live in unsafe situations, being all alone, far away from their home countries and with no knowledge of their future. Social educators work within the framework of a system where decisions made on a juridical and governmental level have a fundamental impact on the life situations of the unaccompanied minors now and further on. To empower the children, to  give them resources to cope with the complex situations they are facing is an urgent human obligation and support integration in  host societies.

Sri Lanka: Two conferences

Some time ago the AIEJI member organisation The International Institute of Knowledge (Sri Lanka) brought to notice the two interesting conferences announced below. If you are a member of AIEJI The International Institute of Knowledge can offer you 10% fee reduction. Please be aware of this if signing up.





Happy Social Educators day – watch our world wide celebration video


It is time to celebrate the second of October. It is time to show that we have the finest job in the world! Enjoy this video with great contributions from AIEJI member organisations and please make the video visible for others as well. Thanks a lot to all contributors to this production.




Share photos at Instagram #thefinestjobintheworld and share knowledge in our AIEJI Facebook group about activities concerning this very special day.


I wish you all a great day.


Our international day


In two weeks, the second of October, we’ll celebrate a very special day: The international day of social educators. This is the day we celebrate our profession – that we have the competences to support humans in need, that we know what this support means for humans and societies and that we’re proud of what we’re doing and what we can achieve!

It’s going to be a worldwide celebration with workshops, debates and events. And also the social media will play a great role: At Instagram #thefinestjobintheworld please share photos that show that you and your colleagues are proud of your job and want the world to know. Please also share knowledge in our AIEJI Facebook group about activities concerning this very special day.


Two conferences in Sri Lanka in 2016

Our member organisation The International Institute of Knowledge (Sri Lanka) brings to notice these two interesting conferences:





A letter to the General Director in UNESCO

A member of our Spanish membership organisation CPEESM has pointed out this interesting letter about education (Languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese):





“2nd of October countdown”

Dear all

In less than a month we’ll celebrate the international day of social educators. The event will be all over the world with the hashtag #thefinestjobintheworld on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. By letter we’ll ask our member organizations to contribute with short videos showing what make social educators’ competences special. Also all AIEJI subscribers will be asked to share photos. More information will follow.

International Congress of Social Education in Portugal

From AIEJIs member organisation APTSES:

The 5th International Congress of Social Education is held in the days 02 and 03 October 2015, during the commemoration of the International Day of social educator at the School of Education and Social Sciences of Leiria. The central theme of the congress will be the familiar contexts of vulnerability and will be present social education professionals, from Portugal and other countries, including Benny Andersen, president of Aieji.

More information about the conference is available at or via email from APTSES:

Best regards,

Associação dos Profissionais Técnicos Superiores de Educação Social (APTSES)




Looking for a job abroad

My name is Yannik, I’m from Denmark, and I am a young man at age 25. I speak English, Swedish, Norwegian and a little French. I’m a social educator and I did my final exam January 2015. I’m specialized in people with social problems (especially alcohol problems). I´ve been working with people with physical and mental illnesses, people with abuses and people with mental/social problems. In addition, I escort people with physical and mental illnesses.

I’m open to work in many different areas with different people. But in particular I search for a work with youngsters or adults with some kind of mental or social problems.

I am very good at creating an overview and I am flexible and meeting stable. I engage me in the work I’m doing, and my ethical thoughts have been praised at my previous jobs. I can work solo and take decisions, but I also seek advice in my team. In critical situations I keep calm.

I believe that it is through reflections and sparring with your coworkers that we are developing the pedagogical thinking. We get more conscious about what we are doing and how we do our work in the best possible way. It is our job to support them in the experience of “the good life”.

I hope very much to receive an e-mail from you :-)

Best regards,

Yannik Noah Næsby, Denmark


Newsletter Summer 2015

Dear all


Right now I’m in Brazil participating in a very interesting Latino American meeting in Campina (25th – 27th), and the host of the meeting is, among other organizations, aeessp – our Brazilian AIEJI member organization. The title of the assembly is Social Education: Perspectives and challenges. There are presentations in plenum and discussions in thematic groups. For instance our AIEJI board member from aeessp, Ney Moraes, has talked about the work of the Latin American AIEJI Office. And our member from Uruguay, Claudio Desanti, has talked about “social educator as worker and/or activist in citizenship construction”. In the thematic groups different issues have been touched, for instance “traditional communities”, “Handcrafts and arts” and “social movements”.


I participate in the meeting in my capacity of being president of AIEJI and in my speech and my presentation I focused on the core of social educational work, the professional competences this calls for and the basic values and messages that in my eyes are drifting this work. Saturday we will finish the meeting with field visits arranged by our fantastic hosts – and I’ll go back to Denmark soon after.


In my part of the world summer holiday is around the corner, and a special occasion I can look back at, since last Newsletter, is our AIEJI board meeting May 9th 10th in Lisboa. Here our Portuguese member organization, aptses, did a great job to facilitate the arrangements for the meeting. I want to say thank you for that, again!


At the meeting we said goodbye to Ellen Galaasen, the now former General Secretary of AIEJI. I write “former” because Ellen was not reelected at the National Congress in March in the AIEJI member organization FO in Norway. Luckily she is still in AIEJI now as an individual member. And luckily a new member from FO has entered the board. Her name is Marianne Solberg Johnsen. Until a new General Secretary is brought in to action I’ll do the work together with Bodil Damsgaard who in general supports the work of AIEJI due to her work with international relations in my organization in Denmark.


In Lisboa the final edition of the refugee minor project was decided. And as you can read at the AIEJI website (the latest publication at the site) the report is now a reality. I very much hope you will do an effort to spread out knowledge about the report at all levels – and if you work with this very disposed group of children and youths I hope that the material can support you in your job.


The new AIEJI project is about social educational work with mental health. A questionnaire is under preparation and early autumn the AIEJI board members will interview social educators in the field in their country – and the empirical studies will be discussed and processed at the next board meeting in Spain November 21st and 22nd


The second October we celebrate Social educators’ international day for the seventh time! The day was set up at the AIEJI world congress in 2009 in Denmark. The day is for celebrating our profession, and social educational organizations mark the day in different ways. This year AIEJI plans a worldwide celebrating by using the hashtag #thefinestjobintheworld, where we call on all you social educators to join, and to post photos of social educators – because indeed we do have the finest job in the world. More information about the happening will follow on the AIEJI website.


I wish you all a nice summer or winter – depending on your position on earth.

All the best,

Benny Andersen  (President of AIEJI)

AIEJI’s 18th World Congress

The president’s Report 2013

In the President's Report 2013 you can read about the activities of AIEJI in the last congress period as well as the ideas for the coming work programme in 2013 - 2017.

Download the report here.