Looking for job in Northern Europe

An appeal from Sara Scattini from Italy:

I am writting this presentation because I am looking for social educational work in North Europe, firstly for a short period because I am still attending university and after I would like to spend some years there.

I am Sara and I was born in 06/29/1996 in Italy.  I am living near Milan, in a small town called Varese. I have done the Scientific Liceum in Luino with good marks, 98/100. After that I joined the biomedical engineering  university in Milan because my passion was to care about disabilities. During this period of university I had been frequenting, as volounteer, a residential center for adults with disabilities.  I have done one and an half year of volunteering, and four months of real work.

Spending time with them I  have recognized a desire in me: to stay in contact with desease people. Doing “ just” prosthesis I was not complete, so I had changed university and I had been joining the “ Professional Education” course of University in Varese.

Now I am frequenting the second year of my way, with a 27/30 mark. In my course we do 500 hours of internship in a year in different desease situations. The first year I did it in elderly residential structures, and now I am doing it inthe adult center that I have talked to you before. The next semester I will spend my internship in a psychiatric residence.

My dream is to work with people with disability of all ages, I think that them, more than other people, can teach us how important is to fight against and for life. I love their smiles, their energy. They inspire me, and I would work for them, to permict them to reach their autonomy and liberty ( as possible).

I would like to spend a period ( from months to years), maybe firstly as an intership, in North Europe, because travelling I discover that their lifestyle and behaviour is similar to mine, and I feel my ease there. Also because I would like to esperiment how is social education in that part of the World, bringing home what I will learn.

I hope I have been exhaustive. I will be there to answer other questions: sara.scattini@hotmail.it

Thank you for earing,