Newsletter September 2018

Dear all of you

Soon we’ll celebrate the international day of social educators! As most of you already know the very special day is the 2nd of October. I’ll ask you to text a greating or a message and share a photo at #thefinestjobintheworld and please also share at AIEJIs facebook site. Again we want to go global and show that we actually have the finest job in the world.

In this job ethics are very essential. How do we think and meet the people we work with? What and how do we communicate and what tasks do we take? It’s about view of human nature, professional judgement and the ability to take care of people in a way that empower them to live a meaningful life. The latter needs also a focus on the surroundings of the person. What possibilities do he or she have? Are the structures, institutional or political, that limit liveliness and maybe even causes exclusion? How can we fight these structures?

Ethics are indeed a core value in all social education and thats why AIEJI at the world congress in 2017decided to work with codes of ethics again – to renew the work from 2005. The board has been in a process comparing codes of ethics from different member countries and has discussed and reflected on ethical issues in social education in current time – with a look at cultural diversities also. This work will result in a document for the use of all AIEJI connected individuals or organisations. We are looking forward to present this document in 2019.

If some of you reading this are occupied with concrete projects or activities with ethics in focus please share this in a very short text form (not more than 20 lines) by posting on the AIEJI website. This can be done by writing to Thank you.

I want to end this newsletter by mentioning the 2nd of October again. Be prepared, be ready and be aware that this day is soon and is to be marked all over the world.

All the best,
Benny Andersen
(President of AIEJI)