Train large numbers of foster families in high quality childcare

Due to the UN decision to de-institutionalize childcare systems there is a growing need in the foster care systems for a high-quality and low-cost education to improve the life conditions of placed children. To meet this global challenge, Fairstart Foundation will launch a new international online foster care instructor education in January 2018.

The instructor education is tailored especially to governments and NGOs who are in need of an inexpensive solution that generates positive results both short-term and long-term. The education is low-cost, user-friendly and practice-oriented. Most importantly, all participants are encouraged to be co-designers and we aim to adapt the teaching material to local cultures and circumstances.

Based on the same training design, our group care educations have resulted in a remarkable progress in the children’s social behavior and trust in their caregivers. We welcome all countries and organisations into the project when we launch the first foster care instructor course in January 2018. Let’s give children a fair start.

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